2022 GOALS: week 1 of 52.

Posted by Michelle on January 9th, 2022 . Filed under: 2022 Goals .

Hey, I actually came back for a week 1 update.

Below are my goals for the year of living and giving and how I did this week.


1.  Buy 500 toys and books by October 31 to donate 250 each to Toys for Tots and Santa’s Toy Box at St. Luke’s.

I bought (26) more items for the cause. 
Books from Amazon, and a few baby toys from Walmart (that look like pet toys hence my dog all up in the picture).


I am currently at 109 of my 500 goal; only 391 to go!


2.  Set aside (1) $20 bill per month every month through October which will yield $200 to grocery shop for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.

I have this month’s $20, and I found something to keep it in. Now I just need to put the two together.


I am currently at $20 of my $200 goal; only $180 to go!


3.  Bake once per month.

Still planning to bake a La Viña San Sebastian Baked Cheesecake


4.  Purge 5 items per week and donate to the Idaho Youth Ranch.

I started organizing my messy bedroom and dresser this week, and found 5 things there.
I also started a bag in my craft room … the amount of crap I hang on to is mind-boggling.


Goal of 5 items per week – achieved.


5.  Drink more water.

I’m not sure if I drank more water, but I found another water drink that I enjoy.  Vitamin Water Zero, Rise.  It tastes like Tang and it’s not super diety.



6.  Eat more fresh fruits & vegetables.

Ate the fresh broccoli that I bought – and dipped it into some Marie’s Creamy Ranch Dressing – and it was delicious.  Today I have some cut up fresh pineapple for afternoon snack.


7.  Things I’d like to do with our home.

I can’t really go into it right now, but we had something significant come up this week that may alter this (and maybe other) goals.
I didn’t do anything on them this week – (there will be a lot of planning involved) – but, we’ll see how it goes.

– New living room furniture:  

– New dining room set:  

– Wallpaper in the living room:  

– Carpet:


8.  Start Christmas cards earlier.

I got all the addresses into the new book.

So, there you have it. 

Week 1 of 52 is in the books.

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