First Annual Valentine Gift Exchange.

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Happy New Year!
As my uncle says:  may your best of 2010 be your worst of 2011. 
He’s always drunk when he says it, but it makes sense, really! 😉

Alright – so are you up for a little fun?  I had the opportunity to take part in a really fun gift exchange that Rebecca hosted at Christmastime.  I loved the concept, so I’m totally pirating it here for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years now – made some friends….lost some friends…gathered some regular blog readers; just really have had a lot of fun on this adventure they call blogging.  People that don’t blog I don’t think they get how this is an interraction with others, I “say” something, you “respond”, we get to know each other that way – even if we aren’t sitting at Starbucks together.  But who wants to sit at Starbucks anyway, they have beanbag chairs and ain’t no way my butt is comin’ back up once it’s down – ha.  Anywho – I know you…sorta…and you know me….sorta; but do you all know each other?  Probably less than the sorta that you and I know each other.


So how about we all get acquainted with a lil’ Valentine gift exchange?

Leave a comment on this post by January 7th saying that you’re in – and include your e-mail address.

I’ll e-mail you requesting your “real” name and mailing addy.

On January 9th I’ll send you the name and address of the person you are sending to.

You have until the end of the month to get your package ready.

Mail your package on February 1st.

What would be fun to send?  Wrapped candy, handmade items like journals and fabric crafts, small books, stickers, magazines, Valentine decorations, girly frilly things like fun baking items that we wouldn’t buy for ourselves, just anything you think might help to bring a little cheer to someone else’s Valentine’s Day.  And don’t forget…wrap it up so it looks as pretty as pretty can be!

Be sure to include a card with a bit of info about yourself.
It’s up to you how much time and cash to spend but I think $25 would be ideal.
Finally, if you’d like to take a few high quality shots of your package before it ships out and email them to me, I will post some of the photos on February 1st.

In case you missed it…..:


Place an order from now through Sunday and 11% will be refunded to you.


18 Responses to First Annual Valentine Gift Exchange.

  1. Babe O'Mara

    Okay, I’m in. Sounds like fun and I do like getting goodies in the mail.


  2. Shelly C

    This sounds like a blast Michelle! I am in. I am going to go post on my blog now so everyone can come over and join in!!!

  3. Ryann Salamon

    How fun, Michelle! Please include me 🙂


  4. Nancy L.

    this sounds like fun!
    thanks for doing something like this 🙂
    happy new year to everyone

    lunastamps at yahoo dot com

  5. Deena H.

    Sounds great! I’m definitely looking to expand my blogging horizons this year.

  6. Jasmine Luttrell

    Hi Michelle, I’m totally in 🙂 Never done anything like this but it sounds soooo fun! Going to Michaels today for thier big sale maybe I’ll find something fun to include YAY.

  7. Molly

    Please count me in Michelle – so ready for this year to begin! my blog will be back up on Monday!!!

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  9. Kerri M.

    I would love to participate:) Count me in!

  10. Tiffany Johnson

    Oh, I’d love to join in! I’m awful about sending things out, will there be reminders? tiffguam at gmail dot com

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  12. SondaT

    I would love to be a part of this! YAY! Something fun to work on and look forward to. Thank you Michelle!

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  14. Kelly Boettcher

    I am in! What a great idea!

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