And more october afternoon.

Posted by Michelle on January 15th, 2011 . Filed under: Cards, October Afternoon .

Oh man, this was the first full week I’ve worked in a long time.  So glad to see this weekend finally get here.  Aside from the usual cards and laundry today, my daughter and I are going to get mommy & me mani/pedis.  And we’re going to cook up something in the Easy Bake Oven  (probably before we go get our nails done). 

My kiddies are only 6 & 8 and already I find myself saying “they grow up so fast”.  I still try to hug and hold them like I did when they were babies…all cradled in my arms.  But sadly they don’t fit there anymore.  Remember to make good use of your time with your babes while they are young because one day we’re going to wake up and they’ll be graduating and getting married and moving out of state and we we don’t want to regret not spending more time with them when they were young…when we had them at home…. all to ourselves.  Oh my – I’m all teary now over an Easy Bake Oven!  LOL 

Anyway…yes, more October Afternoon today.  I {heart} these folks.  Fun product to work with and really nice people too.






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  1. Stephanie Buice

    great cards! Love this paper too!

  2. LorraineN

    Awwww, I love your cards and your post! My son is 7 (yeah, my pic is old – i hate taking/showing pics of myself) and I still try to hug, cuddle & kiss him as much as I can because I know he’ll be pushing me away soon enough….WAH! They DO grow up too fast. And mother/daughter mani/pedis – how cute is that?! oh and easy bake oven? boy, that took me back, LOL! they still make that thing, huh?

  3. Rose

    Michelle these cards are to die for ! I love the way you embelished them (mickey button ??!! OMG!!)
    ANd the way you seamelessly combined your vintage style with modern peices….Awesome !

  4. Heather

    These cards make me so nostalgic for my Kindergarten readers. They are so cute and fun. Have a great mother/daughter time today. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Jill

    Wow! All fabulous! (Although I am partial to the “dropping you a line” one!) I hope you had a great mother/daughter time. 🙂

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