It’s Mega Swag Bucks Day!

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Hey all you Swagbuckers – just a reminder that today is Mega Swagbucks Day meaning your chances of earning more Swagbucks is higher today.  So go get your search on!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, you are missing out on money.  For every 450  Swagbucks, I cash in for a $5 Amazon gift card.  Earlier this week the H&R Block tax software was like $50 and Amazon had it on one of their super deals or whatever they are called so it was $22.49 – used 4 of my $5 Amazon gift cards and it was only 49-cents shipped to me.  I have the trial of Amazon Prime which gets it to me in 2 days or less…free.  Anyway….you really should sign up…as they say:  easy peasy.

Swagbucks is a search engine – like Google – and you can win points (Swagbucks) that you exchange for prizes. I have to admit it all seemed complicated to me at first, but then I started using it and racked up the points and when I hit enough to score my first Amazon gift card, I was hooked.

You can load the toolbar, or just have Swagbucks open as a tab which is what I do. And anytime I want to find something, I just type in the search box like you would a Google search. I would guess that I do about 20 searches a day – sometimes for the same thing if I want to go back to a particular place – and I get points 1-2 times a day. I still have all my favorite sites bookmarked but I just type in Papertrey Ink or whatever and that still gets me to the site I want to go to but it increases my chances of scoring – just a lil’ tip 😉


Your points are always showing up in the top right hand corner. 450 gets you a $5 Amazon gift card and you can use them as cash for your Amazon purchases.


There are other ecards you can buy with your accumulated Swagbucks, they have actual things you can buy too – I’m only interested in the Amazon gift cards 😉


You can also get 1 point per day for taking their daily poll. You can get points for watching videos and playing games, and even shopping online via the links on their site.


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  1. Mary Dawn

    hey, i do swag bucks, i was wondering if you get swag bucks for blogging about swag bucks…or saying swag bucks three times in a blog comment LOL

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