Grade School Valentines.

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Valentines.  I love making Valentines and Valentine treats and Valentine packages and all things Valentine and red and sweet and pink and ribbony.  Fun stuff.  Just makes my heart sing.  I’ve been handmaking the kids’ Valentines since I got in to cardmaking 3 years ago.  This is the start of my 3rd year so my 3rd outing at making their Valentines for school.  Lots of fun and new stuff went in to these sweeties, so I thought I’d take you through the process.  And I ain’t gonna lie – these took foreverrrrr…had to make 54 of ’em!

I knew I wanted to use my new Boxy Banner dies from Papertrey Ink, which would also mean lottttts of cranks through the Big Shot. And while I’m not a sketcher, I decided with that much work going in to these, I really needed to have everything mapped out.  So this was my vision.


I cut down a bunch of Imaginisce patterned paper from last year.  Because I’m that cheap, and I know that I will make things for the kids’ classes for Christmas and Valentines, I wait to stock up on cute papers after that collection is officially outdated.  $1 sheets of patterned paper for .15-cents – and the kids don’t know or care that the paper isn’t current.


And so began alllll the cranks through the Big Shot.


This is what it looked like after 108 cranks.  One hundred and eight.  Ouch.


I originally tossed the negatives out and then remembered that I was going to need a little heart on each Valentine.


There was no way I was Big Shottin’ a bunch of hearts – I love my EK Success heart punch.


Then I stamped the to/froms and had the kids fill out the names.  If you want to get a head start on Valentines, just e-mail the teachers and ask them for the class list at least a month before. 
That way you’re way ahead of the game instead of behind 😉


I popped the heart on with a dimensional booster.  I get all my boosters from Jody.  They are the best.


Candy canes?  PINK candy canes.  My kids squeeled – Valentine candy canes, yipppeee!  LOL 
Christmas clearance at Rite Aid – 10-cents a box…love it.


My handy-dandy Glue Dots Dot N Go to help hold down the candy canes.


Sweet pink candy canes, gorgeous frilly ribbon…that’s what Valentine’s Day is about.


I used the removable Dot N Go in case I needed to reposition my candy cane.


I used a couple of ribbons and a strip of fun bead trim from my shoppe.




I strayed from my sketch in that I didn’t have (2) strings of ribbon on either side at the top – threw that idea out when I scored the candy canes.  And I didn’t put the scalloped border thingy across the top either because I thought it would cover up too much of the patterned paper and some of the cute words on it. 
In the end, a literal labor of love.


Now I’ve got to figure out what I’m making for the class party….I make goodie bags for those….no Big Shot will be involved, I guarantee ya’, that!



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  1. Stephanie Mino

    Michelle………These turned out just darling! I’m sure the kids and their classmates are going to absolutely love them!

  2. Kara

    cute project!! i didn’t know they made bubble gum flavored candy canes! too cool:)

  3. Leigh Ann Baird

    These are fantastic! I wouldn’t want to crank all that out, but it’s so worth it to see that stack of completed projects.

  4. Jacque

    Looks awesome!!!

  5. Erica M.

    I love these valentines! Great idea to use the banner die-so cute!

  6. Kay Demonbren

    These are just adorable- super sweet, and I love them- all 108 {gasp} of them!

  7. Nancy L.

    super cute! i agree on the paper for the kids. i’m doing the same.
    my little boy is only in preschool and he only needs 6 (yes!)
    and my daughter i think she only needs about 18. i mentioned that to my sister and now she needs 10 🙂 i’ll keep in mind not to use the big shot 😉

  8. keva brown

    Oh wow…that’s a lot of work, but they came out wonderfully. That is the cutest thing. The kids are going to love those.

  9. Kristin

    These are so fabulous I can’t get over it!! But wow, that kills me that you have so many!! So glad for the 14 in 1 kid’s class and 12 in the other. I would have had grand plans and then given up. You are such a great mom!! Love the memories you are creating!!

  10. Stephanie Buice

    wow! I Love those! You are so creative!

  11. Karen Corbett

    Wow! These are adorable, Michelle. I like the way you attached the candy cane with ribbon and beading – so cute.

  12. Kelly Boettcher

    These are so cute!!! I love those dies but was not sure how much use I would get out of them… love that you gave us an out of the box idea!

  13. Molly

    I seriously think you make he cutest things in the world! You need to put these in an Etsy shop! The pink candy canes – awesome! Where do you store all this stuff and remember where it is when you need it??? I love it Michelle – you are super mom and you are so good and nautral at it.

  14. Kerri M.

    Oh how fun! I love the banner Valentines! I’ve been working on Valentine bookmarks today for my daughter’s class. Yes, very time consuming and I only have to make 15!

  15. LorraineN

    Wow, these are so beautiful! But girl, 54? You are crazy! And goodie bags?! If I were a kid, I’d want to be in your kids’ classes, lol. I asked my son if he wanted to take goodies for Valentine’s Day. He said “I don’t know…wait, um, NO!” LOL, I think that’s from a little boy perspective (girls are yuck, and mushy is yuck, etc.).

  16. Amy Kolling

    Wonderful idea for kids’ Valentines! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Toia

    These are so cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Chris

    Whoa… 108 runs on that Big Shot? I hope you switched arms…

    That’s some good exercise!

    Love your Valentines! I have to get back to finishing ours here, too… thank goodness there’s only 26!

  19. Jen

    What a good mommy you are…and so talented to boot! These are adorable and worth all the effort for sure. Great idea. Thanks for sharing your nifty creations.

  20. Jen Carter

    Oh, those are so cute!! Your kids’ friends will love them for sure!!

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