Grade School Valentine projects.

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Since the beginning of the school year my kids have been begging me to come in to their classes and do something for arts & crafts.  I have a day job so I knew it’d take some planning and it would be out a ways.  But I thought I could make it work, and it would be pretty easy, to come in and make Valentine cards with them in February.  However, once I had all my fantastic supplies, I decided to do something bigger.

Did I already mention fantastic supplies?  Fantastic supplies is an understatement.  I have been so fortunate to meet some really great people in this industry – the papercrafting industry – really great and generous people.  My friends at American Crafts and Glue Dots, and dear sweet Patricia – the Paper Temptress – supplied everything we needed to make some really fun Valentine crafts.  I cannot thank these fine folks enough for giving to my kids’ school – because as we all know, school budgets and programs are being cut right and left and luxuries like pretty paper and fun crafty goodness are a thing of the past.


The kids returned from recess to find fun Valentine papers in red and white, Dot N Go rollers, and stickers, Thickers, rubons and chipboard on their desks.  I wish you could have heard them come in – the girls were giggly over the stickers and the boys were so excited by these little glue contraptions.


That’s my freckle-nosed boy…I {heart} him so much.


The kids were so excited when I told them they get to take home everything…even the Dot N Go.  I was surprised none of them had ever seen or used one of these.  I highly recommend these for home use – way less mess than regular glue….no mess at all.




And here’s our finished product – I’m totally on a banner kick lately and thought that having the kids measure to cut the paper would incorporate a little bit of learning in to the project.


The teacher put these up in the hallway and received lots of compliments on them – fun stuff.

For the younger kids I opted to do Valentine collage pictures.  I just had them cut out a heart – had to teach them how to fold the paper, draw an ear and cut it out to make a heart – and then adhere that to the larger paper, and then embellish to their heart’s content.


That’s my little girl – sans her 2 front teeth.



I was pleasantly surprised that the younger kids could manage the rubons pretty well.



The teacher wanted to put these up but the kids were too excited to get these home and show their parents.  The teacher told me that in her 16 years of teaching she had never seen or received such cool stuff for her students before.

Thanks so much American Crafts, Glue Dots and Paper Temptress!


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  1. Nancy L.

    michelle, that is so cool!! i wanted to do the same with my daughter’s 4th grade class, but its just too expensive! Glad you had the sponsors 🙂 such great companies!!

  2. Molly

    I {heart} what you do for others…can’t say it enough….
    THe sponsers are the best – it is hard to find people who will do this these days. The kids banners are great…every single one of them. It makes my heart happy and is making me think of things to do for my kids class.

  3. Karen Corbett

    Oh, Michelle. This will certainly be one of those “memories” that lasts a life time for these kiddies. I know the gratification that comes from making something from scratch is so important to keep kids motivated. (I was a teacher for 31 years). What a great parent for you to do so much for the whole class. Your son and daughter look so cute, proud and happy. Have a great Valentine’s Day with your family. HUGS 🙂

  4. Chris

    How absolutely awesome is that?!?! What a fun class day!

    Great projects, and some pretty darn cute models, too!

  5. Shelly C

    You are a great MOMMA!!! Love theses photos! Thanks for sharing!

  6. LorraineN

    Wow, what a cool thing you did for your kids and their school! The beautiful results and the off the chart smiles from your kiddos – easy to see that you brought a LOT of happiness to their classrooms that day! And now each child will take home their fabulous creation and spread the LOVE & happiness to their families! Priceless! Girl, you ROCK!

  7. Jill

    Banners! What a great idea, not the same old, same old. The kids sure looked like they enjoyed their creative time and how cool (still, at these ages, lol) for Mom to come to the classroom! What great sponsors you had too, kudos to them for their donations. Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Sarah Martina

    Awww… I LOVE these!!!

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