Adventures in Couponing.

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Oh my what a week.  Work kicked my ass.  Yes, I said ass and no, I won’t apologize.  But it was rough.  And I have an office job – LOL  And then there’s all this crazy stuff going on in the world.  That horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  And then you have that crazy-ass Charlie Sheen running around.  I can’t believe he hasn’t been committed yet.  He is seriously on something.  Our kitchen sink busted and flooded the kitchen.  And both our toilets busted too.  All in one week.  And as I type this I just noticed I dripped pizza sauce on my shirt.  Awesome.  Ah well, at least we’re all happy and healthy 🙂

It was a great week for my Couponing Adventures though.  Exhausting, but good.  But well worth it.  And doublers again at Albertsons starting today, that’s 2 weeks in a row!

Speaking of, let’s start with Albies.  I used “regular” coupons on the oatmeal, BOGO, they were $1, so I got these for 50-cents each.  The kids love these Dannon Crush Cups yogurt things.  Regular price is $2.79, on sale for $2.29, doubled $1 and I got these for 29-cents each.


Kellogg’s cereal is regularly priced at $4.99 – that price makes me choke, seriously – on sale for $1.88, I had 70-cent off coupons and $1-off coupons so I got some of these free and some for 48-cents; a steal either way.


What do you want on your tombstone?  $5.59 each, store coupon made them $2 each, I had manufacturer’s coupons for $1.50 off (2) so I got these for $1.25 each.


The Pop Tarts are regularly priced at $2.99, on sale for $1.88, doubled 70-cent off coupons making them 48-cents each.  The Stove Top was an in-store deal that I didn’t know about but glad I had the coupons with me – they were 75-cents each and I doubled $1-off (2) coupons which made them free for me.  And then the Stouffer’s soup & sammie meals are new and priced at $5.19 each – for real??  They were on sale for $2 each, doubled $1 and got them free.


Kozy Shack.  This is good stuff right here folks.  Tapioca pudding and rice pudding.  Comfort at it’s finest.  They were $3.79 BOGO, so $3.79 for both, I had $1-off coupons that I got to use on each which made them free.  Rhodes Sticky Buns – insanely sweet, even too sweet for me and you know if the big fat girl says they are too sweet, they must be! – LOL  They were $2.99 on sale for $2.50, doubled $1 and got them for 50-cents each.  And the Lunchables.  I am so bummed the they got put away before I photographed them.  I got 40+ more of these.  They were free free and free some more.  They had the Lunchables, the Snack Combos and the something Creations all on sale for $1 this week and they are up to $3.49 regular price.  I doubled $1 off (2) and got them all free.  The kids have been having these for breakfast *giggles*


Have you ever had these little Lloyd’s meat tubs?  They are SO good.  They are normally $6.99, on sale for $3.99, doubled 75-cents off and got these for $2.49 which is more than I usually spend for something on my Adventures, but let’s remember this is meat and $2.49 for a meal is a good thing.  The Kraft dressing was also an in-store special $1.25 each, I had one 75-cent off coupon with me, doubled it, so I got this one bottle for free.  Hunt’s spaghetti sauce was $1.39, doubled 45-cent off coupons and got these for 49-cents each.  And the Easter candy was a deal I didn’t know about either, they were $1.99 each, doubled a dollar and got them free.  But then for every (2) that you buy, a $1 Catalina printed out.  What?  You’re going to pay me $1 to take home (2) bags of candy?  OK, thank you!


Went home and dug through my newspaper coupons and found more for the barbecue sauce and went back to get this all for free….


….and all these too.  Although in couponing we refer to these as “better than free” as I “bought” them for free and they gave me money after that.


The little Clorox wipes are in this big bin for 25-cents.  They were a dollar a few months ago.  I had $1-off any (2) Clorox products…and these say Clorox on ’em, so we’re takin’ ’em for free.  The floss was $1.89, doubled $1 and got them for free.  Zone bars were $1, doubled 55-cent off coupons and got them for free too.  And the Glade Plugins – another “better than free” as they were $2.19, doubled $1 and got them for 19-cents each, and for every (2) you get $1.50 back.  Nice.


So I went back and got some more after digging for more coupons in my stash.


*whew*  And I’m going back to start all over today with new doublers and new sale items!

Now on to Rite Aid.

Folgers coffee.  We have a coffee maker but it only gets used when my in-laws come to visit from California.  And the only coffee I drink is from Starbucks.  But these were $5.99, on sale for $2.99, use $1.50 coupon and get $1 back = 49-cents each.  So I bought them for my momma who can’t afford much – figure this should set her up for the rest of the year in the morning caffeine department.


Burger King snacks and Combos were $2.19, on sale for $1 and then get $1 back.  Free, thanks!  And the Oberto beef jerky was $4.99, on sale for $2.50, can’t remember how this one worked, I think there were coupons on them, but I got them free too.


Easter m&ms!  Got these free – but a complete glitch.  So they were BOGO and should have been buy (1) for $3.99 and get (1) free which means I would get (2) for $3.99 and then use my $1.50-off (2) coupon and get them for $1.25 each.  But the computer rang them up at $2.50 each and then took $3.99 off for the BOGO and the gal said she’d have to give it to me that way.  So they were charging me $1.01 for both of them and then I used my $1.50-off (2) and got these for “better than free”.  The Nivea were $3.29 each, on sale for $1, I had bunches of $1-off (2) coupons from the Nivea Facebook site and got these all for free.


Another better than free deal.  Bodi Heat patches were $4.99! on sale for $1, get $1 back.  But some of them had 55-cent off coupons on them which made them even better.


Bum bum bumble bee Bumble Bee Tuna…I love Bumble Bee Bumble Bee Tuuuuna.  {Hope someone knows that jingle.}  These were $1.49 each, BOGO 1/2 off which made it $2.24 for (2), get $1 back for each so 24-cents for (2) cans – that’s a deal!  And the sardines were $1.29 get $1 back, so 29-cents each.  I think these are nasty but I got them for my uncle who eats all sorts of funky things.


Now this trip right here was a nightmare.  I go to several Rite Aids – because I don’t want to clear the shelves.  This one particular Rite Aid is my fave because they have everything in stock and the hours work for when I want to go there.  However.  There is this one cashier who is the devil incarnate.  No joke.  She has actually yelled at me more than once.  Like yelled yelled.  And she slams things down on the counter.  And she huffs and puffs when I ask her to price check something or whatever.  She is just the antithesis of customer service friendly.  So I should have had more here but she was unfamiliar with the BOGO policy and wouldn’t allow me to get some things.  I should have had the policy with me – I do have it printed out – and will never leave home without it again.  I finally did call her manager and just gave her the breakdown.  I’m going to that same Rite Aid this morning and I haven’t seen the devil since I called the manager last week.  Let’s hope I come home alive today.

Alright back to the deals.  These Airwick contraptions were $13.99, on sale for $6.99.  I had $4-off coupons so I got them for $2.99 each.  I’m thinking Mother’s Day gifts which is why I spent a little more than my random cheap coupon spend on something I don’t need need right now right now.  The Airwick sprays were BOGO and I had BOGO coupons – she let that one go through – and I got these for free.  Thermacares were free this week with the in-ad coupon, $3.99 use the in-ad coupon to get $3.99 off.  Veet was on sale for $6.99 and there was an in-ad coupon for $3-off and then I had a manufacturer’s coupon for $3-off which made it 99-cents.  The Sambucol was $1 get $1 back = free.  And the Colgate was $2.99, get $2 back = 99-cents and I had $1-off coupons making them free.


Ghirardelli bags were (2) for $5 get $1 back when you buy 2 = $2 each.  I had $1-off coupons which made them $1 each.  The Snickers were free this week buy (1) for 88-cents get 88-cents back.  I bought (2) – not sure what I was thinking, maybe just hungry 😉 – the limit was 1 so I guess I got (2) for 88-cents which is not a hot deal.  The Dove Easter chocolates were $2.99 get $1 back = $1.99 each, I had a $1 off (2) Video Values coupon (watching videos on the Rite Aid site) and then manufacturer’s coupons for $1 off each which made these 49-cents each. 


And then I went to another Rite Aid for more $1 Ghirardelli bags. 


You’ll notice I buy mostly dark chocolate.  And it’s not because I’m one of those heart-healthy people.  It’s because I hate dark chocolate:  I get it so I won’t eat it – ha!  I put some in this glass jar at work to have when people come to my office, you know, being hospitable and all, and then others I send out as gifts.  Just lettin’ y’all know so that come birthday time my mailbox ain’t all overflowin’ with dark chocolate – heh.


8 Responses to Adventures in Couponing.

  1. Molly

    Holy crappers this is some adventure! This one was good – I love how you always think of someone to benefit….I thought of your son wanting to give away his garage sale funds again this weekend as we had one….ours is also going to do some good somewhere other than here! THanks for sharing the fun!

  2. rae barthel

    oh. my. WORD. girl! you rock!! i’m exhausted after reading this 😉
    i am super jealous of your Albertson’s doublers!!
    seriously, you are amazing. how long have you been couponing?

  3. Leigh Ann Baird

    Tombstone pizza is my favorite frozen pizza and what a deal! $5 for a box of cereal makes me choke too. I do most of my shopping at Super Walmart (except I buy meat at the local butcher shop or at Sam’s Club) and the cereal there is priced reasonably. The local grocery stores charge outrageous prices for cereal and even on sale are sometimes still not down to Wal-Mart’s price or are not cheap enough to justify driving 10-15 mins more to get there.

    I LOVE dark chocolate (not too dark though) and would be at your desk all day long. LOL

  4. Karen Corbett

    Sounds like you had a FAN-tas-tic shopping haul this week-end, Michelle.
    So sorry to hear about all of your water and plumbing woes. That can be a real nightmare to clean up. Wishing you a better upcoming week.

  5. LorraineN

    Woohoo…another awesome week of coupon adventures! Girl you totatlly rock at this! But watch out for the devil at Rite Aid 😉 And if I had a week like yours, I think I would be in bed w/ the covers pulled over my head. Hope everything gets fixed and your work week is calm!

  6. Jill


    Have you called that casting number yet?

    I will bug you until you do.

    Send any extra dark chocolate my way.


  7. Cindy

    How do you seriously get the “quantity” of coupons that you use? do you buy multiple papers, buy on ebay, etc? Sometimes I find a really good deal, but lord knows I might only have 1 of 2 (if I’m lucky) of the same coupon. And Kroger (which is the only place that doubles coupons in my area) limits you to 3 like items w/ a coupon. Just curious! You’re my inspiration….love getting free stuff!

  8. Sheryl

    You are my hero girl! I just started couponing 2 weeks ago and it is super fun! I can’t for the life of me figure out the Albertson’s double coupons though! How do you find out (other than folks on blogs talking about it)? Also, do they just automatically double your coupons at the checkout?

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