Little lady.

Posted by Michelle on March 14th, 2011 . Filed under: Cards, My Mind's Eye .

I didn’t have a card uploaded and ready to go today but this morning I was awakened by my little one at the foot of my bed, in tears because she went to bed without her favorite blankie and now couldn’t find it.  Choosing a card to share with you today suddenly became easier.  I’m thinking of getting rid of all of my stamps.  I just purged bunches a few weeks ago.  I stamped one word yesterday which was probably the most I’ve actually stamped in like 2 months.  I’m not not not a stamper.  No patience at all.  I rely on patterned paper where most would stamp a background.  And I make up my own sentiments with chipboard letters, alphabet stickers and other add-on word things.  Ah don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here having my own little epiphany – LOL



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  1. Leigh Ann Baird

    Really? Huh. Well, I suppose if you needed a sentiment you could just create one on the computer if you weren’t able to piece one together with letters. I purged recently too just because I needed to shake things up a bit and stop being so PTI heavy in the stamp department. I don’t stamp backgrounds well at all with those PTI background strips, so I got rid of all but one.

  2. LorraineN

    Not lazy – not if you can find the time/patience to SEW on your cards. Maybe it’s just not your “thang”, KWIM? I need stamps and stuff becuz I cannot do what you do, LOL! It’s all good!

  3. Molly

    My little one has done that and it breaks my heart everytime…I have taken a note from you and started to randomly give cards to her….those are def. times for them!
    I am down to about 5 stamp sets and a handful of single sentiments I run across….only have 3 ink pads – 2 black, 1 brown. I find myself enjoying the freedom of digis and my markers. Not much to move around at all times, etc. I do always find myself wanting them for kids projects at school! I am going to try and look for holiday ones for that specific purpose only….nothing else. GO with it is girl!

  4. Ted

    Love the soft colors here, Michelle. 🙂

  5. Jill

    How sweet! I love the colors–what line is this? It’s just adorable!

    Please send all stamps my way. You have my address.


  6. danielle

    Michelle, what a cute card! Love your eclectic mix and match style, its so unique and fun!
    I’ve also been finding out that I’m not as much of a stamper as others… I mostly just use sentiments. I think, for me, its just because I’m too lazy to go looking through my stamps…lol

  7. danielle

    oh yes, BTW My kiddos are desperately hopelessly attached to their ‘blankies’ I can hardly get them through the wash fast enough…

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