Adventures in Couponing.

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Lots of stuff to share today – it was a very good week 😉 
By the way – some of you have left couponing questions and I answered them here (in case you missed it).

Because I find the +Up program at Rite Aid to be easier and more user-friendly than the Register Rewards program at Walgreens, I don’t shop Walgreens much anymore.  However I was working through the lunch hour earlier this week and hopped on to one of the coupon blogs and saw a hot deal at Walgreens had just been posted so I knew if I headed out right that second, I could score it before the rest of the world knew about it.  Sometimes couponing really is all about “the early bird gets the worm”.  So here was the deal:  buy (5) Fruity Pebbles with the in-ad coupon making them 79-cents each = $3.95 and then you get back (2) $4 Register Rewards.  WHAT?!  That’s a FOUR DOLLAR moneymaker and I could not pass that up!  I went to (2) different Walgreens’ and got (15) Fruity Pebbles for $12.56 (including tax).


I left with (6) x $4 Register Rewards = $24.


And per the Walmart coupon policy you can use these there as these are manufacturer’s coupons.  However, they have changed their coupon policy twice in the last week so I need to go back again soon and see if they are still allowing this or not.

So I bought a few things that we needed…like plumber’s putty and seal tape for the fiasco that was our kitchen sink….and a few things that I had coupons for.



Before coupons and my Walgreen’s Register Rewards.


And after.


Nice, eh?

And then in another trip to Walmart I got all this free.  Again – anytime you see a coupon that says “off any Pert product” or “off any….” check the trial size section at your store and you’ll be able to score lots of freebage.  I love these things to take in the trailer and on vacation – like that Downy Wrinkle Release stuff…never heard of it, but just thinking ahead to a vacation when you have all the close folded in the suitcase…probably would have never thought of this or bought it on my own, so I was happy to see this there and score this “any Downy product” on the free.


Alright – going back to Walgreens, since I was going there anyway for the Fruity Pebbles, I read about another even more hot deal…and I had to take advantage and help all the homeless men in Boise smell good.  I say that sort of in jest – but totally serious at the same time as I’ll be taking this down to the homeless shelter.  Right Guard deodorant was on sale BOGO…and I had whacks of coupons for BOGO so when you pair a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale at Wags and also at Rite Aid that = 2 free items.  So all these deodorants were free for this modern-day Robin Hood.


I use the Aussie hair spray and they were on sale at Wags for $2.99 get $1 Register Reward back, and I had BOGO coupons…so I ended up getting these for 99-cents which for something that I use that’s the cheapest I’ve ever gotten them for.  The Dickinson’s Witch Hazel pore toner whatever were $5 each, but there was a store coupon that I paired with an online coupon and got these for 49-cents each which I thought would make nice little gifts.


Back to Rite Aid.  And I have to tell you – the cashier from hell that I spoke of last week, was 100 times better this week.  And the thing is, she wasn’t nice or sweet – because that’s not her personality – but she was helpful, and she wasn’t mean.  So kudos to her and I hope she’s like that again today.

I worked a little Renuzit deal and was able to score all these super cheap.  They were on sale for 88-cents each, I had coupons from the Sunday newspaper for B3G3, paired that with a couple of other online coupons, a $3-off coupon I got for taking a Rite Aid survey online, and a $5 +Up back for buying $15 worth and got all these for $1.46.


These Johnson & Johnsons were free from a promo a few weeks back that I had a rain check on.  They were on sale for $2.99 get $2 +Up back = 99-cents and I had $1-off coupons making them free.  When Rite Aid does a rain check for a +Up item, they give you the rain check for the amount it will be after the +Up because after that week the +Up will not be printing out.  Pretty good policy – works out well for the customer.


The BodiHeat patches were on sale this week for $1 with a $1-off peelie on them making them free.  The Little Noses and the Chloraseptics were $3.99 get a $3 +Up back making them 99-cents each and I found $1-off coupons online which made them all free.


The gum was free…..but I can’t remember how; the snacks were on sale BOGO and then you get a $5 +Up when you spend $15 so they ended up being 30-cents each which is not the deal of the century, but they are convenient little things for the kids to take when they go geocaching with their dad.


I had a lone 50-cent off Halls coupon and a matching one from watching Rite Aid videos online which made this pack free, the Motrin PM was $3 get a $2 +Up back and I had another Rite Aid video coupon on this one which made it free and then the Dixie plates were on sale for $1.97 each paired with a $5-off (3) coupon from Rite Aid online videos which made these 30-cents each.


The Salonpas patches were on sale for $1 and I had $3-off coupons that they adjusted down to $1 getting these for free, the Puffs were on sale for 88-cents and I had just one 50-cent off coupon making these 38-cents, and then the Purex Crystals were on sale for $3.99 with a $1 +Up back which I paired with a newspaper coupon and a Rite Aid video coupon making these free.  I just used these today for the first time and man, they are potent.  I might use half of the suggested amount next time.


And then another week of Albertsons doublers.  The little McCormick packets were $1.99 and I doubled $1-off coupons from the newspaper…the Odwalla bars were $1 and I doubled 50-cent online coupons…and the Shout was $1.59 and I doubled a $1-off coupon from online getting all these things free.


A fellow couponer ordered coupons for the Fruity Pebbles off Ebay and gave me (5) of them – this was a $4 moneymaker as they were on sale for $1, coupon was for $1, and you got a $4 Catalina back!  Thank you – and score!  The Keebler bars were $1.99 and I doubled $1-off coupons I found online making them free and the pears were $1.69 and I had a $1.25 Catalina from before to use so I got them for 44-cents.


Birds Eye Steamfresh items were on sale for $1 and I had $1-off-3 coupons that I doubled making these 33-cents each.


Gorton’s items were on sale 40%-off making these fillets $2.38, I doubled $1-off coupons making them 38-cents, more free McCormick and Odwallas, and then the Ghirardelli bars were $2.29, doubled $1-off coupons from online and got them for 29-cents each.  These are my favorite sweetness to embellish and gift.


You saw some of these last week – the Glade Plugins were $2.19, doubled $1 = 19-cents, the Colgate toothpaste on sale for $1.66 this week, doubled $1 and they were free, and the Clorox wipes were 25-cents each and I had $1-off-2 Clorox items making these free without doublers.


There was a coupon at the EAS site for a free sample of their products or $3.89 off one.  It was a PDF so I printed out 100 and ordered these protein bars to take down to the homeless shelter.  I was thinking on the way out they could hand people one of these so they could have something to eat later in the day.  It’s not a hot meal, but it’s protein that will hopefully tide them over to the next meal.


No Albertsons doublers in the newspaper today, and not a ton of smokin’ hot deals at Rite Aid this week either, so next week’s post might be a snoozer. 
But we’ll see what we can come up with 😉


8 Responses to Adventures in Couponing.

  1. LorraineN

    Whoa girl, another week of rocking the coupons! I still can’t believe how much you save! And thanks for answering all the coupon questions. Curious or shall I say Awed minds want to know how you do all that stuff, lol.

  2. BethieJ

    Shaking my head.. thinking WOWY that Michelle is AMAZING!! WAY TO GO!! I use my coupons but NEVER seem to score that well!! 🙂
    Have a GREAT day!!

  3. Heather

    I haven’t even looked at this week’s ads or coupons and I’m exhausted from reading about all your shopping. LOL Of course, more fabulous scores for you, your family, and the needy in your area.

  4. Stephanie Buice

    Holy Cows! Awesome!

  5. Charlene Austin

    Love it! Great week. I think I’d be a stressy person if I could coupon so I’d probably not get the deals to the extent you do. I’m always amazed with everything you get but even more so with how much you SAVE!

  6. Jill

    My brain. It hurts trying to keep up with math. Ow. Coupons = good. Michelle = impressive.

  7. Denise (Australia)

    me commenting again….wow what bargains – we don’t get anything like this in Australia. Even your Costco has opened over here, but the prices are NOT as cheap as what you pay over there! Also a little something you might find amusing, the Aussie Hairspray – we don’t have that over here at all! I also saw tanning cream in Hawaii that was Aussie something and that too isn’t available here. Keep up the super bargain shopping! 🙂

  8. Charlene

    That’s nice you got a lot of sweet deals and free stuff. Did you leave anything for “other couponers” though?? 🙁 That’s nice that you are donating most to shelters (I do that too sometimes), but sometimes other people find it hard to score the deal at all because nothing is left on the shelf. Just keep that in mind when you are scoring all the deals. 🙂 From one couponer to another – Thanks 🙂

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