Baking: only the best will do + a deal for you.

Posted by Michelle on April 4th, 2011 . Filed under: Couponing .

I’m so excited for today because I’ve got something really special to share with you all. 
And when I say special I mean yummy….unique….and, it’s a hot deal.

Y’all know that I’m big on couponing and saving money.  However, I’m also a big believer in you get what you pay for.  There are some things that I am brand loyal to which rarely go on super sale or have coupons come out for, but I pay the price because the quality and/or the flavor I just can’t find in any other product.  Things like toilet paper, laundry detergent and mayonnaise come to mind.

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Baking is another segment where I believe that only top-of-the-line products will do.  Butter and not margarine is a must in cookies.  Good chocolate and not store-brand chocolate is also imperative.  And I’m talking about for the times when it matters.  If you need to crank out 60 chocolate chip cookies for little kids, chocolate chips are probably just chocolate chips to them.

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I recently found a really awesome site to buy flavored extracts – pure and imitation, but even the imitation ones are really good quality, really true to the flavor, and just so good.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  And, because I want you to enjoy these amazing flavors as much as I have, I’ve finagaled for my blog readers via sweet Miss Linda Carter with Watkins the following deal:

Buy 3 flavored extracts, pure/all-natural or imitation.
This will cost you from $4.49 on the low end to $6.99 on the high end, times 3.
Then you’re going to pay $9.95 for shipping up to $50 – ouch, I know – but hang on.
To offset your shipping cost, Miss Linda is going to send you direct (12) sampler packets of soups, cinnamon, pepper, dip mixes, etc. – a lil’ dozen variety pack – at no charge.
  So essentially you’re getting the (3) extracts, plus the dozen packets for your original price.  And what’s so great about these little packets? – – they’re perfect for tucking in to cards!! 

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Now – if you happen to be a high-roller, or can’t decide and want them all (which is what I have pretty much done since placing (2) orders now), or have a lil’ extra money right now, if your pre-shipping total comes out to over $50 with at least 3 extracts in it, you’ll get the same bonus 12-pack plus an additional extract (your choice of rootbeer or pure anise extract) – that’s hot.

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Not ready to buy today and want to order a catalog first?  You can do that HERE.

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Trust me on this one girls, these extracts are incredibly yummy.  You’ll want to bake more often – seriously.  I don’t cook, but I want to bake all the time now that I’ve got all these great flavors in my kitchen.

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Chocolate brownies topped with sinfully delicious, made-from-scratch rootbeer frosting,
finished off with a sprinkling of little bits of rootbeer barrel candy…oh my.


7 Responses to Baking: only the best will do + a deal for you.

  1. Jessie McLaughlin

    Cool info Michelle! I love baking and love deals! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anna Was

    I love to bake and totally agree with you on the ingredients. I rarely compromise when it comes to baking…great ingredients create a great product! That is one reason why I love Trader Joe’s. The closest one is 90 minutes away but I stock up when I go and save so much money! I can”t wait to check out the site and all of the goodies! Thanks Michelle!

  3. LorraineN

    Oh you are so EVIL, lol!!! That looks so sinfully delicious! I love brownies, rootbeer and frosting – yow! I used to bake a lot before, but haven’t for a while. But you’re making me think about it. Those extracts sound so yummy.

  4. BethieJ

    YUM!! That is all I have to say! LOL! These look DELISH Michelle!!!
    I LOVE coming in to see what you have for us!!!
    Have a GREAT day!

  5. Anne B

    Oh my is right – yum. Pity you can’t send me a slice 🙂

  6. Nancy

    I don’t even like chocolate and I want to savor those brownies. Or maybe I can just like the frosting bowl.
    That was very generous of you to pull this together. I don’t bake often anymore since I end of eating it all, which means I won’t be taking advantage of the offer. Thank you all the same.

  7. danielle

    OH MY is right. That looks so yummy!!! Send me a piece will ya? ;o)

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