Celebrate love.

Posted by Michelle on April 8th, 2011 . Filed under: BasicGrey, Cards, Papertrey Ink .

I had the bestest yesterday.  Well, except for that I had to work, but other than that it was the greatest day ever.  I picked the kids up from daycare, took them with me to Albertsons to pick up some olives to top our tacos and tostadas that my husband was making for dinner.  While there, I let them pick up some Jarritos (Mexican sodas) to go with dinner.  And then those little kids had the nerve to take advantage of mamma’s love and ask if we could go to Starbucks for hot chocolate and cake pops – before dinner.  Ah what the heck, why not! 
So we stopped and ruined their dinners with these. 


Got home and my husband had Mexican music blaring, he’s wearing a Mexican poncho, and cooking up dinner.  We’re having dinner and everyone’s talking about their day, laughing and giggling, just wonderful, pure, sweet family time. And as one kid went off to take their bath, the other went off to do their homework, and my husband left to take his evening walk, I sat there at the table alone and starting crying.  I was so happy.  Just so genuinely happy. And I found myself whispering “thank you”…to God.  Life is good.

Anyway….I made this fun little card with Papertrey’s banner dies…and I really love it.  I’m thinking this might be a fun Christmas card template as I have a bunch of those little sentiment stickers from the Girls’ Paperie (which is no longer by the way) all in Christmassy words like “winter” “love” “traditions” and more.  I don’t like to mass produce, but I can totally change up the papers and the banner topper to break the monotony when I am making them.  Pretty paper from BasicGrey too…with a lil’ glitter on the butterfly.



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  1. Chris

    What a wonderful recap of your day, Michelle! I hope you have many more just like that one! It’s wonderful to be grateful for our blessings!

    Great card, too!

  2. lisa, too!

    ooh! aah! i just LOVE this card. awesome… but when isn’t it, coming from you?!? love your sharing el dia bueno con todos! Gracias!

  3. Anna

    What a great day! You are so truly blessed and sometimes it is hard because we get so caugt up in the day to day! Love your card to!

  4. Leigh Ann Baird

    Awww, I’m so glad you had such a wonderful day yesterday! I thought of you the other night when I watched Extreme Couponing for the first time.

    Your card is very pretty and that design would be fabulous for Christmas. I don’t like to mass produce either.

  5. LorraineN

    Yay, I’m glad you had an awesome day! You deserve it!!! But next time, leave the cake pops off the post, lol (argh…i do NOT need to taste that, i do NOT…). Your card is both beautiful & cool! Want to see what you do with it for Christmas.

  6. Karen Corbett

    What sweet family moments, Michelle. Sounds like you all had such a fun time.
    Your banner card is gorgeous – the papers and trim across the top are beautiful. Kind of reminds me of a tapestry design from days gone by. Have a great week-end.

  7. Linda

    Starbucks has cake pops? Wonder how well they would pair with a strawberry frappachino?

    Glad that you had a wonderful day! Your husband and children sound delightful!!

    Your card layout is super classic and would work well for so many occasions.


  8. Tricia

    the card is beautiful, But more importantly I so happy that you guy had some magical family time together. Those are the memories that will last forever.

  9. Margaret M

    Cake pops! Ah Michelle we must indulge ourselves occasionally! I am so glad you had a nice day! Thanks for sharing your dinnertime story…that is the most important time of the day to be with family! I like your card! It would be a great idea of Christmas cards or the like!

  10. Kristin

    Those are the days to celebrate and give thanks- good for you! 🙂

    the banner is beautiful too, (but the story about your day was WAY better!!)

  11. Jessie McLaughlin

    How wonderful! What a great family evening you had! Your banner is really cool!

  12. Lisette aka lam

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful day. I love your card

  13. kelly

    i love how you used the banner die and i love your card. what happened with the girl’s paperie? and, their gorgeous spring lines? sigh! anyway, love the story you told today. God is good and he always manages to give us little reminders when we need them.

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