Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on May 29th, 2011 . Filed under: Couponing .

Did you think I had abandoned couponing altogether? No way. There were doublers at Albertsons the week we left on vacation, and then some the weekend right after we got back, and I was completely unprepared. Then I had to readjust to normal life and get back in to studying the deals, finding and printing coupons, and waiting for doublers to come back again. And here we are.

The Suave and Herbal Essences spray I got free from the manufacturers via Facebook. The Snuggle was on sale which lowered the price, and then I had a $1-off coupon that I doubled making it 99-cents. While I do get a lot of things for free, if it’s something that I use that I probably won’t end up getting for free, I’ll still buy it if it’s a good deal and 99-cents was a good price for this. That sort of was true for the mayonnaise as well – I like these kind to take camping, they weren’t on sale, so I had to pay $1 each for them after my coupons. Doubled $1-offs on the Bayer and got those for 49-cents each; same for the lil’ Hormel meals. 49-cents for my husband’s lunch at work is a great price.

069 copy

I don’t quite remember how the Pepperidge Farms Goldfish worked, it was part of a buy x and get x off thing, and then I doubled coupons and got them for 39-cents each. The oatmeal was $1.25, doubled $1 and they were free; the gums were $1 each, doubled $1-off 2 and got those for free too.

066 copy

The Kikkoman teriyaki sauces were $1.99 each, doubled $1-off and got them for free; the Worcestershire sauces were $1.59, doubled 75-cents off and got these for 9-cents each.

063 copy

Beggin’ Strips for the dog we don’t have. My daughter’s teacher has a dog, and my aunt has a dog. So we’ll put together little care packages for them. These were BOGO, and I had BOGO coupons and when you pair the two at Albertsons it = 18 packages of freeness.

060 copy

48 boxes of free pasta. Go HERE and HERE and you can print out coupons too. Remember to hit the back button a couple of times to print again. And if you have several computers in your house, print some on those ones too.  Even if your store doesn’t double, these usually go on sale for $1 each at most stores so you should be able to get a pretty good deal anyway.

055 copy

This is where it gets real good, folks. 
This was my ad – shows you that boneless pork sirloin chops were on sale BOGO.

075 copy

And at the butcher block there were these little recipe booklets with a $1-off coupon in them. Follow me here. Buy 1 pound of pork for $3.99, get 1 free. So you are getting (2) pounds of pork for $3.99. You can use coupons on BOGO sales (at least at Albertsons you can). So I used (2) $1-off coupons and (2) doublers to give me $4 off.
$4 off of $3.99 = free, folks. FREE PORK!!

078 copy

I didn’t make my husband get them all out of the freezer for the pictures, but we got 33 pounds of free pork. I also have another 20 coupons – butcher dude said they had tons of coupons so take all I wanted. And this weekend there are doublers again, so I’ll be free porkin’ it again when we get back in to town tomorrow.

083 copy

Are you watching that Extreme Couponing show on TLC? I think those women are insane – LOL And I wonder how they get so many coupons. You thought I had a lot of coupons? I ain’t got nothin’ on those women. That one lady this week had something like 8 freezers. Holy niblets that’s crazy. We have 2 *giggles* – and I have said that I want another one 😉


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  1. Laura

    Hi Michelle

    I’m so glad you’re back with your couponing adventures – I live in the UK so don’t have chance to learn from your techniques, however I’m still facinated by your posts and specifically look out for them! I think I’d have such a lot of fun working out what bargains I could earn.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Anna Was

    I always enjoy your couponing adventures! I have been watching the extreme coupon show and am amazed. Why does someone need 57 bottles of mustard?! I like your couponing because you explain it but also buy real food not so much of the processed, frozen, prepackaged stufff! I won’t buy most of the stuff on the coupon show because of that! I do try to coupon and get some good deals but nothing like you! So fun the read! Keep it up!

  3. LorraineN

    Another awesome coupon adventure! I watched that show for the first time yesterday (after reading your post). Those people are nuts – couponing is their whole life! They have huge storage spaces for their stuff too, geez.

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