BBQ….and movies.

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Hey look at me…I’m posting a card! I get on these rolls and post several cards in one post and do that for a few days in a row and next thing I know, I’m outta cards to post. But here’s a fun BBQ card that I hadn’t shared yet. I’ve got some fun patterned paper from My Mind’s Eye paired with an even more fun diecut from Doodlebug. 
And then those big ol’ letters are Thickers from American Crafts. 
Can’t live without my big ol’ letters to make my own sentiments 😉 


I’ve had a few of you nice girls asking how I’m doing, and saying all sorts of nice things that make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside (totally serious) and it’s not a pretty picture here. Pain – lots of it. Got upped to a pain med strong enough to knock out a rabid elephant. It’s good stuff. But then all my sleeping is wonky – can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in, and if I can, don’t get used to it because Imma have to be up in a few hours again to drug myself up (note that it’s 2:17am as I type this). Great. I tried to sit at my craft table – that lasted about 43 seconds. My chair is too low to the ground and my knee has to bend too much too soon. So ain’t nothin’ crafty goin’ on here either. What I have done however is gotten caught up on all my RHONYs and RHONJs. And I am pleased to report that my husband is now a complete addict. He also went and got me some Redbox movies – which he watched with me. Chick flicks and he watched them with me. The man is all kinds of great.

Just Go With It. The husband really liked this one. Me? Not so much. I mean it was funny, but not that funny. It had some really funny parts, but it was almost trying to be too funny with the storyline and I just didn’t care for it. Not a bad movie by any means, but just not good either.

Image2 copy

No Strings Attached. Probably just the opposite of the previous one. Wasn’t funny enough for the husband, and really cute for me. The thing I liked too was that it wasn’t too predictable. You know how chick flicks tend to be pretty predictable? There were a lot of parts where I was like “oh no, and now she’s going to hook up with him because….” and it never happens. So I liked that. Really good one. This is on my “I wanna own it” list for sure.

Image1 copy

And yes, I will be reminding you every day
so that I don’t have to listen to you crying later when you’ve missed out.


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  1. Leigh Ann Baird

    Pain sucks. When I injured my hand/arm, I couldn’t even sleep in my bed. I had to sleep on the couch where I could angle my body and sleep with my arm propped on a pillow. I was told I would moan in pain in my sleep too. I had to take steroids and they not only added a gazillion pounds to my face but made me grouchy on top of it all. Luckily, the surgery was less painful during recovery than the original injury—not that it was wonderful or anything.

    I’m sorry you are hurting, I’ve never had knee pain like you are experiencing but I hear it’s a b*tch. One day you’ll wake up and notice it feels a bit better than it did the day before. Hopefully that day will come super soon.

  2. Leigh Ann Baird

    Oh and I’m kind of sick of Jennifer Aniston so I haven’t had the desire to see Just Go With It.

  3. Jasmine Schwartz-Luttrell

    Hey girl. Sorry to hear you are laid up. No freaking fun, especially for a Mom. I am totally neurotic and would be driving EVERYONE nuts.
    I saw your article in the new cards magazine. IT’S AWESOME!!!!! I’m such a dork. I was all excited at Barnes and Noble and was telling my husband “Look look look that’s my friend”, like we have coffee together every morning and chat, LOL. Definitely they picked a deserving gal, you are so talented and I love your crafty style.
    Anyway just wanted to send some good feelings you way. I’ll be praying for you for a speedy recovery. Oh BTW I don’t know if you watch creepy movies but rent Case 39 with Renee Zelwiger. It’s REALLY good. Hugs 🙂

  4. Danielle

    So sorry to hear you are still in pain 🙁 I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way.

    I agree with you about Just Go With It, and I will definitely be checking out No Strings Attached now! I also got my husband hooked on RHONJ and RHONY lol

    Love that card, so fun!

  5. LorraineN

    Your card is so bright & fun – esp with the big ole letters! Sorry to hear that you’re still in so much pain. Doesn’t sound right. Hope the doctor is taking good care of you and that the surgeon did his job right. Glad to hear the hubby is spending lots of time with you, though. I haven’t seen too many movies lately – well, nothing outside of Pixar or Disney that is, lol. Oh wait, I did see “Black Swan” on DVD – man was that weird – I mean weird. I didn’t really like it – I expected some good plot or something – esp w/ the award hype – just psycho stuff. Anyway, you take care and sending well wishes – painfree wishes – your way, girlfiend!

  6. Marybeth L.

    Love your BBQ card. The bike looks great for the 4th

  7. Jill

    Sweet card! I love, love, love the pins–where did you get those? What a great DH to watch chick flicks with you! No Strings Attached is in my Netflix queue, but I won’t be seeing the other one because Jennifer Anniston is the antichrist. I sure hope your knee is feeling at least a little bit better!!! ((HUGS))

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