Saturday Randoms.

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It’s should be a long weekend for most of us, no? 4th of July in the US and Canada Day (yesterday) in Canada. We need to run out and get our fireworks today before all the good ones are gone. All that will be left are all the really expensive ones – the ones that you spend $45 for one and it ends up being a dud and there’s nothing you can do about it – and the cheap cheap ones like the little popper things that you can buy at Target year-round. We’ve got my mother coming over for her birthday dinner tonight. Her birthday was the day of my surgery, so she was sort of forgotten (sorry, mom). Speaking of….went to the Doc yesterday and got my stitches taken out. Icky. Just creepy feeling. And now he wants me to massage the parts where the stitches were. Something about scar tissue. It creeps me out. Oh, and I can’t go back to work on Tuesday. Rather Tuesday like 3 weeks away Tuesday. So, you might be stuck here with my nonsense more than usual in the coming weeks 😛

First order of business:  Twitter.  I used to love Twitter.  Tweeting was really fun.  Met some pretty cool people.  But it was kind of weird the way my friends and my tweets were all papercrafting all the time. 
That’s only a lil’ piece of me.  But I miss it just the same.  And I’m back. 
If you’re on Twitter, follow me  – and let’s socialize that way!


Nothing really crafty to share today. Although the July issue of CARDs magazine is out on newsstands now.
Or you can get the online subscription for only a few bucks.
July is wedding cards…blah blah blah….Ultimate Card Class…blah blah blah….
….Designer of the Month is blah blah Michelle Philippi…what the….?!

Watched a couple more movies this week. The Dilemma was actually really good. And I’m not a huge fan of Vince Vaughn. But this was a really good movie. Not a chick flick…..just a good story about friendship and relationships and *stuff*

2 copy

And then there was the Tourist. It was just OK for me, Dog. I don’t think I have ever seen an Angelina Jolie movie. All I know of her is that she has like 19 kids, 24 tattoos, and stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston. She’s like gorgeous though. Those tabloids don’t do her any justice. She was really hot in this movie. But again, I wouldn’t run out to rent it. Worth the Redbox buck though.

3 copy

Oh yeah, and I think people are confused. So this little bicycle image is just to promote the lil’ 4th of July week sale in my shoppe. If you haven’t been there, it’s a cute lil’ shoppe called It’s in the Bag! I sell all sorts of bags, like kraft and gingham and vintage and coffee bags, and pillowboxes. Fun stuff.
It’s July, so you should be well in to Christmas crafting; I got stuff for that 😉


Place an order between now and July 4th, and 30% of your pre-ship price will be refunded to you.


5 Responses to Saturday Randoms.

  1. Sharon Field

    Hi Michelle, I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I loved your baby card featured in Card Creations volume 9! I couldn’t help CASE’ing it… and will feature it with a courtesy link back to your blog on my Monday July 4th blog post! Thanks for the inspiration! Great design!
    Sharon Field

  2. LorraineN

    Yay, I saw ya, I saw ya! I was skimming through the issue, deciding whether I was going to buy it or not. Then I saw the featured designer – Michelle Philippi – woohoo – then threw it in my cart, lol! Beautiful creations!

  3. Julie Lacey

    OMGoodness, this post totally cracked me up! I’m SO GLAD you’re back on Twitter…let’s not do that again, K? 😉 Congrats on the designer of the month…you so deserve it! I look forward to your cards every month in CARDS!

  4. Emily W.

    Congrats on designer of the month!!!!

  5. Jill

    Designer of the month for Cards?! That is so cool! Congratulations, Michelle!

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