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TGIF! OK, that means nothing to me since I’m off work – LOL But if it’s the weekend for you – cheers!

So what’s new with me….well, not a whole lot.  The swelling is significantly less, so that’s good.  That means more time can be spent sitting instead of laying down.  I did get to my craft table some this week, so that was good for the mind.  Been on the computer more – scoping out online deals and finishing up Christmas shopping.  Yes, I said that: finishing up. Some of you know this about me, but my deadline to have all the Christmas presents bought is October 5th (my birthday).  I start Christmas wrapping on October 6th and have to have it all done by Thanksgiving.  I do this because I want to enjoy the holiday season.  I want to bake for fun.  I want to enjoy Christmas movies.  I want to stay in the spirit of the season and not get cranky having to deal with rowdy crowds at the stores, holiday help that may not know everything as they were just hired yesterday, and trekking out in the rain and snow is not only not fun but can be dangerous.  So as of right now, I’ve got 23 of 30 people on my list done.  7 to go – and they are the most difficult: teenagers.  I don’t believe in gift cards because I believe they are a cop-out gift…and impersonal…and just no fun to wrap!  It’s OK if other people give them, and it’s OK if they give them to me ;), it’s just not my thing.  But buying for a teenager is a challenge for sure.

Here’s the last card I had published in the June issue of CARDs magazine.
I have said it before: I really love Doodlebug papers.  They are just so whimsy and sweet and girly and fun.
The diecut on this one is cardstock, so that was fun.  I just got some more Doodlebug stuff in one of my CARDs payment boxes and it’s got this pastelly ice cream pattern – need to do something with that stat.

Any big plans for the weekend? Share with me?



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  1. Marybeth L.

    Adorable card Michelle. I must have missed what happened to you. Get well soon though!

  2. LorraineN

    You still freak me out about being done w/ Christmas before Thanksgiving. But man, I wish I could enjoy the Holidays without being stresseed w/ gift buying/giving/etc. Oh and anothr fab card by you – congrats on another publishing!

  3. kelly

    Michelle, you are in so many ways amazing! I think you should have a sideline going as a personal organizer/shopper thing going on. Seriously! Anyway, I love your doodlebug card. Love it.

  4. Michele aka Derbylea

    Hey Michelle! I love Doodlebug papers too. So much cuteness. Your card is adorable. No big plans here. No Christmas shopping either… LOL I can’t do anything off season. Right now I am making Christmas cards for my DT assignment and its KILLING me! I like to shop with the crowds.

  5. Shelley

    Very sweet card Michelle I love all the papers you use , you must have such a large stash ?? X

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