A little back-to-school giftie.

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We’re right about halfway through summer break which means school will be starting up again before we know it.  When we were camping a while back, we were in the trailer on a rainy night and my daughter says to me “mom, can I go read?”  Mom can I go read.  Really?  She’s ASKING to go read?  That’s awesome!  I told her that reading is probably the ONE thing she never needs to ask permission to go do.  I checked in on her a little bit later and she was holding her book place with an old Walgreens receipt – LOL  I knew then that I needed to make her some bookmarks to cultivate this new-found love of reading that she has.

So I’ve paired some great patterned papers and embellies from Glitz Design with some fun Divine Twine from Whisker Graphics (who I am now designing for) and made a couple little bookmarks all packaged up in a fun bag from Whisker Graphics and ready to give to her on the first day of school.




Read bookmark
Glitz Design “Afternoon Muse” Floral patterned paper
Glitz Design “Afternoon Muse” Glitzers
Glitz Design “Afternoon Muse” Journaling (cardstock sticker)
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha

2nd Grade bookmark
Glitz Design “Love Games” Damask patterned paper
Glitz Design “Love Games” Peek-A-Boo
Glitz Design “Love Games” Glitzers
Glitz Design “Love Games” Journaling (cardstock sticker)
Glitz Design Giant Rhinestone
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha

Play Fair gift bag
Glitz Design “Love Games” Scorecard patterned paper
Glitz Design “Afternoon Muse” & “Love Games” Peek-A-Boos
Glitz Design “Love Games” Glitzers
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha


10 Responses to A little back-to-school giftie.

  1. Jill

    These are just so creative and wow, how fun to have them as bookmarks! It’s great that your DD is into reading! It’s my favorite thing to do, so I applaud her!

  2. Karen Corbett

    I’ve always loved reading – I have many bookmarks, but sometimes I still revert to little scraps of paper and receipts when I don’t have a bookmark close at hand!!
    I made my husband a bookmark last year and he still uses it all the time!!!
    I love the big tags you’ve used for your book marks – lots of room for wonderful embellishments and they’ll be easy to find!! The 2nd grade one it is so “grown-up” with the damask pattern and the twine is a great addition.

  3. Molly Ritterbeck

    I swear you are like the best mom ever. I am have been purging things and stuff so I can free up all my time fo rmy kiddos. I want to be able to do these kinds of things like you do. You are awesome!

  4. LorraineN

    Great that she likes to read – yay! And now she will be styling with her cool bookmarks!

  5. Kristin

    I *LOVE* these!! Looks like our kiddos are the same age. DS is starting 2nd grade in August. He LOVES to read!! Just made him a new bookmark the other day using Betsy’s trick of clear cardstock run through a Xyron (so it can be like a laminate but it is permanent adhesive) and then placed over the top.

  6. Margaret M

    Oh Michelle I love these bookmarks..what a great idea!

  7. Jen Adcock

    You sure know your way around a pack of PP. Seriously beautiful bookmarks and bag. Seems a bit inaccurate to call them bookmarks or a bag even though that’s what they are, because they are so visually interesting that I can’t imagine anything else not paling beside them. So pretty.

  8. Tricia

    Those are some beautiful bookmarks. I’m sure your daughter is going to love them.

  9. Jessie McLaughlin

    What beautiful bookmarks!! I may have to make a few!

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