Adventures in Couponing.

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I am typing this post at 12:40 in the a.m. after having a hellacious Saturday.  Long story short: my daughter has been battling a double infection of some sort for 2 weeks now.  After 3 different antibiotics, she broke out with a rash that took over her whole body and she had a 102 temp last evening.  We had to leave the Boise State game and high-tail it down to the hospital.  Her temp has broken which is good, very good, but we’ll see how this rash is doing when she wakes up in the morning – they gave her a steroid for that.  She’s on 4 different medications now.  For real.  My goodness.  Anyway, I guess I share this because it’s super duper late (or early, I guess) and I am wide awake and chatterly – LOL!

How about we talk couponing?  My friends at Albertsons have been letting me down lately.  I mean severely.  So this week instead of doing double coupons, they did their “round up.”  Coupons 25-cents to 75-cents round up to $1.  This is good for those little 25-cent coupons.  But it’s not good for those $1 coupons that we like to get doubled.  And sad to say, I found NOTHING to round up at Albertsons.  Nada.

044 copy

What I did find however, was this pasta deal.  They had a $1-off any Essential Everyday product in their little seasonal store coupon book and these pastas just happened to be $1.  That would be free pasta right there.  I have more of these coupons so we’ll pick up some more in the coming days.

022 copy

And then these Crave cat treats.  They are a new product with free coupons in the Sunday newspaper.  So I picked these up too – for the cat that we don’t have (we give them this young kid that my husband works with….he has a cat).

018 copy

I then took my disappointed butt from Albies over to the Walmart.  Walmart honors competitor coupons, price matches, and will double or round up if Albertsons is doing it.  I called the store manager to ask if they would be doing the round up too and he said “pretty much if they are doing it, we are doing it.”  Rock on.  So I had coupons for $1-off (2) cans of S&W beans.  They are 68-cents each, so my round up took 50-cents off each making them 18-cents a can.  I love making crock pot calico beans in the fall and 18-cents a can for S&W beans is a hot deal.

026 copy

The Spaghettios were 72-cents each, rounded up 50-cents off of 2 and got these for 22-cents a can.

029 copy

This Starkist tuna is some fancy kinda tuna.  Authentico it’s called.  Some have jalapenos, others have vegetables.  My husband likes it to add to Tuna Helper and take it for his lunch.  I rounded up 50-cent off coupons and got these for 38-cents a can.  Not a great deal for “regular” tuna, but for the fancy stuff to go with already free Tuna Helper making a 38-cent lunch that will go for 2 days so 19-cents for lunch, is a really good deal.

036 copy

The Dawn was $1.34, rounded a 50-cent coupon up and got these for 34-cents each.  The Dial handsoap was 47-cents each and I’m not sure why…don’t have that in my notes.  The Carmex was free as it was 94-cents and I had a 50-cent off coupon that rounded up to $1.  And the Ivory was $1.24, rounded a 25-cent coupon up to $1 and got these 3-packs for 24-cents each.

041 copy

French’s mustard was $1.08, rounded up to $1 and got these for 8-cents each.  And the Banana Boat aloe I had a $4-off coupon that I got via on Swagbucks and got these for 67-cents each.

049 copy

And then we went to Walgreens this week.  They had all sorts of goodness in their ad this week.  The Hyland’s kid cold & cough stuff was $4.99 get $4.99 back.  That would be free.  The Blistex was $2 get $2 back.  That would be free too.  And the Gain detergent was 99-cents, I used 50-cent off coupons and got these for 49-cents.  A little more than I normally pay for dish soap but I needed filler items to use to roll my Register Rewards and this was a good/usable item.

014 copy

m&ms anyone?  The pretzel m&ms were buy 4 for $10, use $1 off coupons and pay $6, then get a Register Reward back for $5 which makes them 25-cents a bag.  And then the regular m&ms similar concept only the coupons I had were a little less and made them 50-cents per bag.  Still a good deal.

015 copy

This week’s Walgreens ad that starts today has a tonnnn of free things in it.
Check it out if you have a Wags in your area!


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  1. lisa, too!

    Still pretty good deals, Michelle! I sure hope your daughter gets better soon! Take care and have a great week.

  2. Lisette

    I am so sorry for your daughter’s behalf. I hope that doctors will soon find out what is wrong, so she can get well again

  3. LorraineN

    Awesome couponing as always! Wow, your poor daughter! I hope the fever went down quickly and she’s okay now.

  4. Charlene Austin

    I just read on the PTI forum that you are coming to Calgary. Are you giving Coupon Adventure lessons? LOL.

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