Lil’ Red Wagon.

Posted by Michelle on January 4th, 2012 . Filed under: Cards, October Afternoon, Published Work .

Much happier with this card than I was with yesterday’s card 😉
This little guy was published in the December issue of CARDs magazine.  I can’t wait to get this one back…thinking with the red to it that it might be good to go in to my son’s Valentine package.  Maybe I’ll try not to bugger-up stamping a Happy Valentine’s Day sentiment on the inside.  That’ll work.


And something for the girls.  Check out this red rose purse!  It was $99 and now it’s $22.99. 
They have different colors too, but red screams rose to me.  Love!



7 Responses to Lil’ Red Wagon.

  1. carol aka krillsister

    Gorgeous card. I can see why it was published.

  2. Dawn Easton

    GREAT card and congrats on gettting that one published!!!
    A tip for inside stamping….stamp on a piece of cardstock that is slightly smaller and if it stamps good….then stick it to the inside 😉 If it doesn’t stamp good…flip it over…ha…ask me how I know 😉

  3. Anna Was

    Love your card! Congrats on getting published!

  4. LorraineN

    Ooh, love your card! And that purse rocks!

  5. Jessie McLaughlin

    Wonderful card Michelle!! Love the purse!

  6. Marybeth

    This little red wagon is probaly one of my most favorites of all the cards you have made. I think it’s adorable ! Is this cut out ,punched out from a set or do you randomly put it together? What ever you do , you do it so well! LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. Marybeth

    I forgot to add congrats and TFS the pretty red purse ?

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