Adventures in Couponing.

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Welcome welcome to my exhausting but very successful couponing day.

My daughter and I started the morning off at the Walmart just to get a few things.  But they had Christmas clearance that we had to check out first.  All holiday apparel was $1.  A buck! – wahoo!  I got 12 items – turtlenecks and shirts for my daughter and my niece, pajamas and a cardigan for me, and some shirts for my mom and my aunt.  Christmas 2012 is over halfway done and on the super cheap.  Love.  Now, I am not really in to clothes from Walmart, but $1 for those fun holiday things that you just wear at Christmastime, I am totally not a snob about.

002 copy

Libby’s fruit.  I don’t know how I amassed so many of these coupons, but I still have some left even after this trip.  I think they must have put them out a few weeks in a row, and the expiration date isn’t until March.  These are $1.12 a can, the coupon is for $1 off 2 which doubles and makes these 12-cents a can.  36 cans at regular price would have cost me $40.32.  I paid $4.32 for them – an 89% savings.  Or look at it this way:  for less than the price of 4 of them, I got 36!

007 copy

Libby’s vegetables.  Not as great of a deal as the fruit, but 25-cents a can which is the best price I have ever gotten for name-brand canned veggies.

009 copy

Milk was $2.39, doubled 75-cents and got 2 gallons of milk for 89-cents each.  Free floss with no doublers – using $1 off any Oral B floss.  And my son gave me money to get him some batteries – and I had coupons – so I got these for $1.49 and $1.88 after coupons and doublers.

013 copy

Then it was off to Albertsons where we scored some major deals.  Like 2-liters of Pepsi products.  I had coupons for $2 off 2.  They were on sale 10 for 10.  That got me 20 bottles for free.

016 copy

Taco kits had coupons on them for $1 off which I doubled and got these for 49-cents each.  The Christmas cookie dough was marked down to 99-cents with 55-cent coupons on them which doubled = free.  And the cream puffs which are my kryptonite were on sale for $4.99, doubled 75-cents and got them for $3.50.  Not the deal of the century but for the proverbial last hurrah before getting back on the skinny train, they were well worth it 😉

019 copy

Strawberry Philly cream cheese was marked down to 99-cents.  I doubled 50-cent coupons and they were free.  Same thing with the Lunchables.  Dean’s dip was on sale for $2, doubled $1 and it was free.  The Johnsonville sausages were $3.99, doubled $1 and they were $1.99 each.

023 copy

Minute Maid Coolers were $2.50, doubled $1 and they were 50-cents a box.  The juices were on sale for $2, doubled $1 and they were free.  And the donuts were $2.49, doubled $1 and they were 49-cents – cheap breakfast for us on the ride home.

027 copy

Willy Wonka Nerds were free after coupons and doublers.  As were the pretzels and the Knorr Mexican soups.  The balsamic was on sale for $2.99, doubled $1 and they were 99-cents.  Love me some balsamic vinegar.

030 copy

On a previous store visit, I had a coupon print out for $1 off any soap.  Store coupons can’t be doubled.  So I got the Ivory pack and paid 59-cents for it.  The Crest was on clearance for 89-cents, doubled a 75-cent Crest coupon and they were free.  The Crest mouthwashes and the Carmexes are for our little “Project VA” we are doing as a family this year and will give to the veterans at the VA hospital come Christmas – they were all free after coupons and doublers.  Same thing with the 1 random Axe product and the Wet Wipes.  The Shout wipe pack was like 19-cents after coupon and doubler.

036 copy

While I was at the checkstand I noticed this clearance gum.
I didn’t have these coupons on me but knew I had them and they were for $1-off.

downsized_0101121419 copy

So I sent my husband and my son back to get 10 packs for free – no doublers needed – and with the $2.60 in overage they each got a pop.

039 copy

And because I was so whooped, after going through more coupons at home and matching to what I had seen at Walmart, I sent my husband and son back for free toothbrushes and free toothpaste, and 18-cent tea (after coupons and doublers).

004 copy

And I swung back by Albertsons the next day to pick up the free vitamins that I had ordered, and got free Ricola and another pack of free gum (after coupons and doublers).

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    Dang girl, what a haul!!! You did great.

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