Valentine envelope pockets.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had 180 Valentines to make this year.  60 are the cards from the kids to their school classmates, 60 are the goody bags for their class parties, and then another 60 goody things for their church classes.  That’s a llllot of Valentine love.  Today’s project was originally going to be from the kids to their school classmates, but I ran out of some of the image stickers and had to start using the alphabet stickers to make words and phrases and I think some of them are too hokey or lovey and they’d be more likely to get teased for that at school then they would at church.  Isn’t it sad that I even had to take that in to consideration?  I know.  Anyway.

So I wanted to do something with these envelopes that I have had for what, over 3 years now?  I bought bunches of them when I first got in to cardmaking.  And then when I realized that my style is making cards that don’t actually fit in to envelopes, I was stuck with like 4 boxes of 100 – LOL  So, I found a way to use them here.  They are self-stick flaps so I stuck the flap on the inside and then flipped them over and adhered a large doily on the front of each.


Then I die cut a bunch of patterned pieces, and embellished with the coordinating stickers.  I used last year’s Echo Park Valentine collection as I had a couple of kits sent to me, and when you are creating for kids, do they really care (or know) that you are using last year’s collection?



I bought these 3-packs of heart chalk at Michael’s last year for 90% off….10-cents a piece.  So 20 of them for $2.  And I dropped 1 heart chalk in to a tall, thin glassine bag and popped that in to my envelope.


And then I finished my little pockets of with some black licorice Divine Twine.



Packaged them all up in a red basket (Hobby Lobby Valentine clearance last year ;)) and we’re all set for tonight!


Hope your day is super sweet!


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  1. Ka'ili

    These valentine envelopes are so beautiful! thank you for sharing this idea with us =) I’m very much looking forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks again!!

  2. Anna Was

    Incredibly cute idea! Love your envelopes! Alot of work but worth it, I am sure:)

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