Rosette Valentine goody bags.

Posted by Michelle on January 23rd, 2012 . Filed under: A Million Memories, Design Team Work, Gift Packaging, It's in the Bag!, Valentine's Day .

I love handmade gift packaging.  It transforms the most inexpensive and simple gift in to something so much more.  It’s like food – you eat with your eyes first.  Same thing with gift giving – let them delight in the packaging first.

I bought some bags of those Lindt chocolate balls.  They have raspberry ones out for Valentine’s Day, did you know?! 
I dropped some in glassine bags and then embellished them for a pretty presentation.


This new fuschia rosette flower fabric from AMM is amazing.  I don’t sew, and I don’t scrapbook so I’m sure I didn’t do this beautiful piece justice, but I added in chunks of it to my bag tags to really kick up the fancy factor.



I also used a lot of pretty vintage buttons and lace and pearl trim from AMM.  My husband told me that these packages reminded him of the 20s and the flappers.  I love that comment – mission accomplished!




7 Responses to Rosette Valentine goody bags.

  1. Dawn Easton

    Fabulous! These are gorgeous…wow! Love all the details and I LOVE that ribbon fabric. Must find some! LOL! Thanks for the link to that store too. Bookmarked it but will have to look in more detail because shipping is $15.50 yikes!

  2. Stephinka

    Wow those rosettes are gorgeous (I went to check that link out- love that the price sounds so fair since it comes 12 by 12!! thanks for the new shopping place ;))! I totally love the look of these… How would one describe this style, it is like shabby chic without the vintage look! Very adorable and you have put it all together very well. 🙂

  3. Chris

    Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous! That rosette fabric is just heavenly!

  4. carol aka krillsister

    You sure do have a great knack for dressing up those glassine bags. Don’t even see them. Love the pearls & lace.

  5. Leah C.

    So pretty! I love all the texture and the colors and what they are filled with 🙂 Want to send me one?!

  6. lisette

    These are gorgeous. Love all the details and the colours mix so great together.

  7. Jessie McLaughlin

    Oh my Michelle!! You have such a talent for making things beautiful!! These are awesome!!!

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