Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on February 5th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Today I’m sharing more things that I got this week using Albertsons’ round-up promotion wherein any coupon valued at $1 or less would be rounded up to $1.  This is not my favorite promotion, so I wouldn’t want it to be their only coupon promo, but they do it a few times a year and it IS good for those 25 and 35-cent coupons that’ll be worth more this way than with regular doubling.  Walmart price matches, and in my market they match the promos too, so I just had to take the Albertsons ad there and they honored the round-up.

First up – my fail.  Ragu was $1.68 at the Walmart, my coupon rounded-up to $1, so I paid 68-cents each.  This IS a good price.  But Albertsons had a promo where you buy 10 and they are 49-cents.  I didn’t know about this at the time – bummer!

001 copy

Almonds were $1.50 in the Walgreens ad, Walmart price-matched that and then rounded up my coupon so I scored these for 50-cents each.

004 copy

Rounded up and got free cookie mix…

005 copy

…free fried rice seasoning and 8-cent mustard.  (We are out of ketchup right now….no coupons and no deals right now so I am making the family go without which is absolutely hilarious….or was until I didn’t have any ketchup to put on my fritatta the other night; hope a sale comes out soon!)

009 copy

….13-cent Dawn and free floss, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

012 copy

Walmart ran out of the Asian seasonings, but Albertsons had them, so I got them free there too.

017 copy

68-cent Minute Rice – my kids love brown rice, and we love the convenience of these when we are running late on dinner during the week.  And 50-cent sour cream.

0052 copy

Here’s my LMFAO! shot.  I have been trying to score these buggers for about a month.  The coupon is for $3 off and the price is $2.62, so you make 38-cents on each one.  38-cents x 13 = $4.94 in overage going to other items.  I was telling people about this, how I just bought them to make money and I had people asking me if they could have them which was both hilarious and TMI at the same time!

0051 copy

My aunt gave me some $ to go couponing for her and start her off on a little stockpile.  She gave me a list of things that she would use, I paired that with coupons and the round up and got her pastas and dressings for 50-cents each….

003 copy

….13-cent Dawn, free toothpaste and toothbrush, 68-cent Ragu and pickles, 25-cent olives….

007 copy

….59-cent Ivory and paper towels….

011 copy

…37-cent cappuccino, free creamer, 59-cent Worcestershire, 50-cent jalapenos and a free Zone bar.  I paid a little more than I would pay for things, but for her and what she spends on groceries, she got some good deals.

013 copy


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  1. Dawn Easton

    I cannot WAIT to shop in the States next month!!! So many GREAT things….awesome deals this past week!! That was really nice of you to shop for your aunt too!

  2. LorraineN

    OMG, you rocked it again, girl! And for your Aunt, too! And LOL at the KY – at first when I saw the photo, I thought TMI from you until I read your comments, bwahahaha!

  3. Michele aka Derbylea

    Loving the KY shot! Too funny! 68cent Ragu sounds good to me.

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