Adventures in Couponing.

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Got some good stuff to share with you this week, so let’s get to it!
Albertsons had this really great promo this week which was buy this and then get $ back to use on your next purchase.  And you can roll that $ to pay for the next purchase.  So my out of pocket was minimal and sometimes nothing.

The cereal and milk deal was the best.  Buy 4 boxes of cereal for $10 and then get $2 back PLUS $4.50 to spend on milk.  I had coupons for the cereal, which I doubled, so this transaction was $10, less $7 for my coupons = $3, less $2 back = $1 plus the $4.50 milk coupon.  So – for $1 I got 4 boxes of cereal and 2 gallons of milk.  The milk was on sale for $2.19, I had milk coupons for the other 2 (which I doubled) so 2 of these were free and 2 were 69-cents.

035 copy

50-cent juice and 50-cent chips after coupons, doublers and $ back.

037 copy

I can’t say that I have ever seen parm coupons, but there were some 55-cent ones that came out, which I doubled and used on these mini ones and got them for 9-cents each.  These will be great to take camping in the trailer.  The red peppers were $1 each and I used them as a Valentine gift for my husband (along with a cookbook).  The Thai kitchen noodle soups were 9-cents each after coupons and doublers.

019 copy

More 50-cent chips, and free Ocean Spray fruit snacks.  I would have gotten more, but I didn’t figure out this deal until the last day of the sale and people beat me to it.  I got 4 boxes though…the kids were starving in the car and opened one….

025 copy

My daughter is the only person in the family that loves these Emerald Breakfast on the Gos.  They were 50-cents each after coupons, doublers and $ back.  She was so excited picking out the flavors she wanted.

041 copy

Then it was off to Walgreens.  These Got2B hair products were $5.99 each BOGO.  So $5.99 for 2 of them.  I had coupons for $3-off-1.  So I got these all free.  The soap was on clearance for 50-cents so I picked those up for the kids thinking oatmeal and almond wouldn’t irritate their baby soft skin.

044 copy

Walgreens ad showing Tylenol Precise on sale for $5.  My stack of $5-off coupons.

013 copy

10 free Tylenol Precises.  We use this stuff – a lot.  I’ve got a bum knee – even after having surgery on it last year – and now I have tennis elbow (but I don’t even play tennis?).

035 copy

And back to the Walmart doubling cereal coupons getting these big boxes for 88-cents, S&W beans that they were wiped out of but I hope to get more today…18-cents each, and totally free Vlasic relish (98-cents each, I doubled $1-off-2 coupons).

028 copy

And all free here too after coupons and doublers.

032 copy

I’ve got some more artwork to share with you from my little coupon buddy.  She made this at school the other day.  It says:  On Sunday mornings me and my mom go cuponing.  We have lot of stuff to by at the store.  I sometimes push the cart.  We go to Wallgreens and Wallmart.  We somtimes split up.  I love cuponing with my mom.  Evry time we go we get different stuff and food.  When I grow up I will go cuponing with my kids.  My mom keeps the cupons in a pouch.  It is fun going cuponing with my mom.  The end!


Today’s gonna be a busy day as double coupons start today, and I’m hearing lots of freebies at Walgreens too.  So off we go!


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  1. Dawn Easton

    Awwww Kayleigh is so stinkin’ cute!!! Great deals again!!! Must find some of that Tylenol cream next month!

  2. Michele aka Derbylea

    Oh my her little story is adorable! I love it!

  3. LorraineN

    Whoa, that’s a load of couponing and awesome goodness! And love your daughter’s story & artwork – how precious!

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