Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on March 11th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Happy Sunday to you – and welcome back to my second part of last week’s trips.  This week it’s all about doubling coupons at the Walmart.  And I call it “the” Walmart because I like it to sound all rednecky like it really is 😉

Alrighty then….  So S&W fancy recipe beans were 97-cents, I had coupons for $1-off-2 which I doubled and got these all for free.  Libby’s vegetables were 60-cents each, I had coupons for $1-off-4 which I doubled and got these for 10-cents a can.  And we have a free can of tuna, some free toothpaste, and free Cascade packs.

003 copy

I went back during the week to get more toothpaste as you can only use 4 P&G coupons in one transaction, so more free toothpaste, and some free toothbrushes too.

006 copy

18-cent Country Crock spread, 58-cent dip, $1.39 for Weight Watchers cream cheese (it’s the with chive flavor and I take this to work with celery slices and it’s a great snack), 16-cent YoCrunch yogurts, and free Yoplait yogurts.

012 copy

Lloyd’s meat tubs were $1.47, Country Crock sides were 98-cents, now that my kids love them they totally jacked up the price of the Uncrustables and lowered the value of their coupons so these were still $1.93, and cheese sticks were $2.

015 copy

More 10-cent veggies.

018 copy

Tuna with veggies (to go with free Tuna Helper we have a million boxes of that we got on the free months ago) my husband makes a batch of this on Sunday nights and takes it for lunch for a couple of days during the week, 38-cents a can = 19-cent lunches.  48-cent banana peppers, free veggie kits, 32-cent sweet pickles, and 8-cent tuna pouches.

019 copy

98-cents for Wolfgang Puck brand stock to make me feel all gourmet-like, 74-cents for jasmine rice which I am so excited about trying.  That’s another thing about couponing is trying things at a lesser price so if you don’t care for it, it’s not a million-dollar loss.  Did this with couscous, had a coupon, bought it, tried it, LOVED it! and am searching for coupons…  And moneymaking instant coffee for my mom.

023 copy

$1.68 for the Cheez-Its that I thought was too much to pay but my coupon buddy talked me in to it, 68-cents for the bread (they had $1 peelies on them that I doubled), free pretzel chips and 58-cent Pop Tarts.

026 copy

23-cents for theater box candy and 48-cents for Lindt bars.

027 copy

You MUST try these Fresh Takes!  They are like Shake & Bake but with cheese.  Soooo good.  My husband made meatballs with them…and pork chops….sooooo good!  9-cents each.

0031 copy

88-cent Dial body wash, 97-cent Garnier shampoo, 53-cent Band Aids that I am using for a baby shower gift, and the rest was all free.

032 copy

And double coupons start again today – yee-haw!


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  1. Dawn Easton

    Oh some good deals and some good new things for me to look for in a couple of weeks!!! Must remember to save hundreds of dollars for my last shopping trip to THE Walmart before crossing the border…!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michele aka Derbylea

    Great deal on the candy and the cheese! Wow that candy… could have used that when I was putting together the candy basket for the basket raffle at school.

  3. Ryann Salamon

    Awesome deals. Wow!!

    The store we’ve been doing to (Vons/Safeway) only does double coupons up to $1. Does the WalMart you go to have a limit to your doublers? I need to check out our WalMart on this…

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