Dying Easter eggs.

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Happy Monday! – did you have a great Easter?  Ours was fun.  At dinner the night before Easter my daughter asked if it was true that there’s no Easter Bunny and that the parents really do the baskets.  Yikes.  She said that’s what Payne told her.  Thanks, Payne.  Sooo…I’m thinking this may have been our last Easter Bunny kiddie kinda Easter 🙁  So I made sure that we did a lot of things – dying Easter eggs, baking Easter cookies, making jello egss…all this together, and just enjoying every moment of every piece of it.

I think I’m a little OCD when it comes to control, and thinking of the messes that could be made, but this year I just let go and let the kids have a good time – within my confines – ha.  So I got them involved and had them do most of the “work” that they didn’t even see as work.  I covered the table in newspaper and got out all the supplies for dying the eggs.

021 copy

Eggs and food coloring that I got on the cheap from couponing, and some Divine Twine.

024 copy

035 copy

We wrapped the twine around each hard-boiled egg hoping to get a little pattern on our eggs.

039 copy

041 copy

044 copy

053 copy

054 copy

045 copy

The big reveal.

056 copy


061 copy

065 copy

I saved the dyed pieces of Divine Twine and used those as part of the presentation Easter morning.

e017 copy


3 Responses to Dying Easter eggs.

  1. Annawas

    Cute eggs! My kids, even though they are 10, still want t do all of the Easter stuff..yeah! We used koolaid to dye our eggs this year…they were great! I love the idea of the twine, I will have to try that next year! Hope your day was great!

  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    Great eggs Michelle! Glad you all had a good time with all the prep! Hope Easter day was a blast too!!

  3. Dana

    Gosh these are beautiful!
    I’m with you on having OCD when it comes ot making messes inside! In nicer weather we dye them outside on the picnic table and that way I don’t fret as much!

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