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The church lady called last week.  Said it was time to get things done for teacher appreciation (religious education).  And she was thinking bookmarks.  160 of them.  Yikes.  My challenge was that I only had 4 days to get them done.  Yikes again.  So I enlisted the help of my husband, and we got ’em done.  He did all the diecutting – the bases and the crosses, and then cut all the jute twine.  I cut the patterned paper, stamped, inked and assembled.  I’m pretty sure we just scored some major Heaven points 😉

Blessings1 copy

Blessings12 copy

Blessings1234 copy

Blessings123 copy


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  1. Jen

    Well, I am certain you will need more than your fingers and toes to add up your Heaven points for sure. Just awesome. No doubt you’ll wish you could cash in those points for some new cutting plates on your die cutting machine! They must look like they’re about to give up the Ghost! Beautiful colors. The wee staples are a lovely touchalso. Well done, my friend.

  2. Debbie Gaydos

    WOW that’s a lot of work! But I’m sure it will be very much appreciated. Those are so cute! Great job!

  3. Jill

    Holy cow! (So to speak) 160 bookmarks in 4 days? I think that qualifies you for sainthood, LOL! These are gorgeous! I love the color palette. Are the crosses cut from Verve dies? I really like the shapes. Your church’s teachers are going to treasure these, Michelle!

  4. Cassi

    great project, love how you divided and conquered!

  5. LorraineN

    Wowzers, 160?! Cool that your hubby helped you! That’s some serious die-cutting, lol. Awesome bookmarks for the church!

  6. Michele aka Derbylea

    wow! thats a tall order, major heaven points indeed!

  7. Dawn Easton

    Those turned out wonderfully! Now I wish I’d ordered that die for myself….lol
    Awesome that you two could craft together!!!

  8. Anne B

    Wow – love the bookmarks and what great teamwork 🙂

  9. Jessie McLaughlin

    Oh MY Michelle!! You and your husband did a great job! They are lovely!

  10. Marybeth

    These are great ….can’t go wrong with some extra heaven points ….:) that was very nice of you guys to make them so last min. I love that Blessing…

  11. Kat

    Love the project!!!!! “Awesome inspirations”, my mother’s sunday school class will love this treat. Thanks for the “Eye candy”.

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