Quick & Easy Birthday gift on the fly.

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When we got home from our Hawaiian cruise, there was an invitation waiting for a birthday party that weekend.  It’s one of the girls from my daughter’s soccer team and she really likes this particular little girl so not going to the party was not an option.  I didn’t have time to shop or make something, so I turned to my couponing stash to see what I had.  Gummi bears (I buy a lot of candy on the cheap or free as it’s a great birthday gift add-on), some free girly hair things from Walgreens, and some Smashbox lip gloss (Tuesdays & Thursdays they have a promo where you get a free full-size item with any order).

001 copy

I chose a couple of fun party bags from Whisker Graphics and matched them with some equally fun ribbons from May Arts.

024 copy

I decorated one bag with patterned paper, chipboard, and stickers, and then layered it on top of an undecorated party bag and then tied them together with ribbn at the top.

027 copy

031 copy

I stamped on a pre-made tag to personalize it, and we were party-ready!

034 copy

038 copy


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  2. Michele aka Derbylea

    Very cute! I would love to have gummi bears on my bday! Love the little this warrants a fist pump.

  3. Jessie McLaughlin

    WOW Michelle!! I just admire your ability to “throw” things of this nature together!! I am sure the little girl just loved!! I know I would have!!

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