Adventures in Couponing.

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When we got back from our vacation there were no hot deals anywhere so I really had to dig deep to find something to satisfy my crave to save.  I read that KMart was doubling coupons all week (they normally double on Wednesday and Saturday) and I know that Walmart matches this.  So, my husband was heading to Walmart for some garden stuff and I asked him if he was going to spend at least $25 (which is the deal with KMart you have to spend $25 pre-coupon) and he said yes.  So, needing milk, I sent him down there with 5 milk coupons to double for me and we got 5 gallons of milk for 94-cents each.

004 copy

Paul’s got a great Under $1 list for Walmart on his site which is where I found out about these 97-cent Cutter citronella candles to match with the $1-off coupon that I had printed out.

0517121740 copy

8 candles plus overage – I made 24-cents on these.

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And then this little gem I found on my own.  There was a Miracle Gro giveaway on Facebook where they were going to send you a sample of something.  I guess they ran out of that, and instead sent you an e-mail with a $3-off coupon.

0517121743 copy

I took that coupon down to the Walmart and got 6 big bags of potting soil for 97-cents each.

015j copy

Also while I was gone, the samples that I register for online and on Facebook came rolling in, and some of them came with coupons.  These items I received FREE coupons for.

012 copy

Pepsi had a coupon book in the Sunday newspaper that had a free coupon for these new Starbucks Refreshers. They sound tasty – but then again, everything tastes better when it’s free 😉

021 copy

Fred Meyer is not a store that I shop.  I find them to be too expensive, but I reckon people say the same thing about Albertsons.  You just have to know when to shop them and how their sales cycles run.  And I don’t follow Fred Meyer at all.  However, I do remember from last summer that they were the only store around that carried these Snapware pieces and when I was going through my coupons, I saw a $2-off coupon.  So my daughter and I went down there and got these for $1.69 each, and then they took $2 off which gave me overage that I didn’t know they were going to give me, so we grabbed 3 Kit Kats at the register and got all this on the free.

014 copy

They also had their big annual Founder’s Day sale and had bakeware buy one, get 1 free.  Fred Meyer is a store like Albertsons and Walgreens that will let you use 2 coupons on a BOGO.  So these Pyrex items were $4.99 each, buy 1 get 1 free = $4.99 for 2.  And then I used (2) $1-off coupons which made each of these items $1.50.  On top of that, they had Tillamook cheese which is normally $7.99 on sale for $3.99 with an in-store coupon and then I used an internet printable coupon for another $1 off which made these 2-pound blocks of cheese only $2.99.

012 copy

Another store I don’t shop is Winco.  Just too crowded, and they don’t have a lot of variety in items (just my opinion).  However, I had been looking all over for these Big Cup of Noodles and heard that Winco carried them.  The coupon was for $1-off-3.  They were 46-cents each which made them 13-cents each after coupons.  These are great after school snacks for the kids, and my husband will take them to work sometimes.  We must have gotten these coupons twice because I had 22 coupons x 3 per coupon = 66 of them.  My son was so excited wheeling around the cases on the hand truck.

020 copy

And last but not least, my Amazon groceries.  I have mentioned Swagbucks to y’all before and if you haven’t signed up yet, I really don’t know what you’re waiting for.  I earn a $5 Amazon card every week and I use those to buy groceries.  Swagbucks is just like Google where you do your internet searches there, and earn Swagbucks along the way.  I also print out my coupons there and make 10 Swagbucks for every coupon I redeem.  And I redeem a lotttt of coupons 😉  Every time you hit 450 Swagbucks, you cash in for a $5 Amazon card.  Free food for something I would be doing all the time anyway?  Yes, please!

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