Every day is a special occasion.

Posted by Michelle on May 21st, 2012 . Filed under: Cards, My Mind's Eye, Published Work .

Happy New Week!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was less than spectacular.  I was sick all last week with what I thought was just a cold or maybe allergies.  Finally had to go see the doc on Saturday as I was not getting better.  She started me on antibiotics, and after 4 doses, I don’t think they are helping.  So I called them and they told me I had to wait 3 days before the antibiotics would work.  Since when?  I have always noticed improvement like on day 1 with antibiotics.  Whatever.  So since it’s 1am and I am wide awake and sickly, I’m pretty sure I’m calling in dead today and crossing my fingers that I’ll miraculously improve today on day 3 and if not, I’ll be on the doc’s doorstep first thing tomorrow.  So that’s me.  Blah.

As for my card….  I haven’t made anything new, but found my folder of published cards that I haven’t shared here on the ol’ blog, so I’ve got some things to share this week after all.  This little My Mind’s Eye pretty was in the February issue of CARDs magazine.



5 Responses to Every day is a special occasion.

  1. Jen

    So so beautiful. The glam part doilyis divine. Such lovely work Michelle. Get better soon! x

  2. Ryann Salamon

    Being sick straight up sucks! I hope the drugs do their trick and you are feeling better soon! Lovely card today 🙂

  3. Dawn Easton

    Sorry to hear you are still sick…yuck! Hope day 3 proves to be the magical day!!!
    GREAT cas card…love the bits of sparkle!

  4. Marybeth L.

    So sorry you were not feeling well, uggg. Hope you get well soon Michelle. Stunning card, love everything about this one.

  5. Jessie McLaughlin

    Hey Michelle! I hope you have recovered from your yuck!! I love your card! The dress shape thing is awesome and I love the pop of the pink!

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