You are so handsome, kind, sweet.

Posted by Michelle on May 23rd, 2012 . Filed under: Cards, My Mind's Eye, Published Work .

Oh I can’t wait to get this card back!  It’s another one that was in the February issue of CARDs magazine.  But it’s going to be for my son.  He’s just got this amazing little personality.  He’s so so sweet and lovey.  Always concerned about people – like when I’m sick he’ll just kinda come rub my arm and place his head on me.  Just a sweet little guy.  I don’t ever want him to grow up!
Hey look at that – it’s already Wednesday.  Just 2 more days until a 3-day weekend is here; yippee!



4 Responses to You are so handsome, kind, sweet.

  1. Ryann Salamon

    Sounds like you are raising him right 🙂 Such a sweet card for a sweet boy!

  2. Anna Was

    Love you card. So sweet and perfect for your little guy!

  3. Jen

    Well done momma! You definitely had a hand at growing such a lovely son. This is a handsome card totally befitting your little man. That sentiment is beyond perfect. Love the richness of the colors too. So glad this card got picked up.. It’s a good’un.

  4. Jessie McLaughlin

    Oh how sweet!! I love it Michelle! Sounds like you have a wonderful son!!

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