Adventures in Couponing.

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Sometimes I’ll have a big couponing trip and call it “epic” by my standards.  And then I top it.  This trip is one of those:  topping the epic.  I hadn’t shopped in over a month, I had coupons burning a hole in my pocket, it was a double couponing week at both Albertsons and KMart (which Walmart will honor), so it was the perfect storm of couponness at the Walmart this week.

I had 9 milk coupons.  And I wasn’t going to use them all, I was going to save some to get milk the following week.  But they had the Darigold milk on sale for $2.25.  Doubling my 75-cent coupons made them 75-cents for a gallon of milk!  The cheapest I have ever gotten it for was like 89-cents.  This was an unheard of deal for me so I had to get them.  All.

004 copy

IHOP breakfasts were $2.27.  Double $1 and they were 27-cents each.  I had 2 random coupons for the Tai Pei appetizers and got those for 42-cents each.

006 copy

Bonus! – coupon on the back of the IHOP breakfasts.  So more 27-cent breakfasts are in our future.

009 copy

Gosh cheese is expensive.  String cheese was $1.47 a bag, and the yummy Kraft cheese shake and bake kinda things that they hooked me on when they were free were 59-cents.

015 copy

20-cent pudding desserts, free margarine tubs, and $1.88 for butter.

017 copy

98-cents for the Fusion yogurt drinks, 60-cents for the YoCrunch packs and 30-cents for the Yoplaits.

020 copy

Stock-up price on the puddings: 30-cents a pack.  Now with the kids out of school for the summer, I need a lot of snackies in the house.

030 copy

58-cents for the Honey Bunches of Oats, and $1.24 for the Krave cereal.  I don’t like to spend more than $1 for a box of cereal, but my daughter practically begged me for them and since she is a lot of help when I coupon, and I saved on the first cereals, I went ahead and got ’em.

023 copy

48-cents for Welch’s lemonade bottles, 98-cents for the Fizz and Ocean Spray – 25-cent single juice drinks for my husband to take to work.  Beats the price of a soda from the vending machine; and probably better for him too.

026 copy

I didn’t have coupons for the bagels, but they had peelie coupons on them which made them $1.40, 55-cent chili, $1.48 for SPAM (my aunt had me pick these up for her, and man, SPAM is expensive), $1.98 for South Beach diet bars, and 24-cents for multi-packs of gum.

063 copy

And then it happened again: we broke the register.
So next week you’ll see the other half of this topping the epic trip.

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  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    Ok so do you drink all that milk before the expiration? And also I had those jello things and ick! But I had the chocolate ones… let me know if these taste better! Major score on the gum!

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