Adventures in Couponing.

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July 1st is here!  Which means we’ll have a holiday right in the middle of the week.  Ick.  Ah well, I guess any paid day off work is a good one, right?  So this week I’ve got some great Albertsons and Walgreens scores to share with you, so let’s roll.

Oscar Mayer lunch meat was on sale for $1.  Buy 5 and get $4 back = 20-cents each.  So I ordered 50 of them after buying 25 in the store.  These are perfect filling & cheap snackies for the kids.  The mustard was free with a coupon from an in-store coupon book.  And then the Country Time was on sale at Fred Meyer for $2 and I had $2 coupons = free, plus they were handing out free samples of shampoo & conditioner.

002 copy

Red Baron pizza was on sale BOGO and I had coupons that I doubled which made these $1.38 each.  And the milk was 69-cents after coupon and doubler!  The Oreos were $1.39 after coupons and doubler; I never buy these because they are so spendy – I can afford this price though 🙂

016 copy

17-cent Suave body washes, free Starbucks drinks, free hummus, free freezer bags, and $1.50 for the Lloyd’s taking advantage of a BOGO + coupons + doubler.

020 copy

24 bottles of free dressing.
They were on sale for $1.99 each, BOGO = $1.99 for 2, then double $1-off-2 which = $0.

023 copy

Albertsons has this big summer promotion going – lots of cash and prizes to be won.  They put out this coupon book that you can only use there, and one of the coupons was for $1 off any store-brand item costing $1 or more.  So each of these items I paid 19-cents for.  (The peas were free.)

119 copy

All this was free at Walgreens.
I made $2 on each of the Omega Smart things and everything else was free by taking advantage of Register Rewards buying this, get a RR back, use that to pay for this and so on and so on and so on.

008 copy

These were my filler items – have to have more items than you have coupons (Register Rewards) – so I head to the clearance shelves and get the cheapest thing I can find to throw in.  The backscratchers were 14-cents.  No ideas on what the heck I’mma do with them.  The roach killer was 25-cents, black bean packages were 49-cents, and Glee stuff was 15-cents.  But again, I didn’t really pay for this stuff.  I started with $22 in Register Rewards at Walgreens and left with $24.  So all this was free +.

012 copy


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  1. Annawas

    You continue to amaze me! I can only dream about getting the deals you do! Enjoy your mid wee holiday!

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