Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on July 22nd, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Hey hey hey – it was a really good couponing day, so allow me to share.

We eat a lot of olives.  It’s a good fat, right?  Anywho.  Albertsons had this great promo where you bought 10 and they were 99-cents each.  On top of that they had coupons in their summer coupon book that you could double, and that took them down to 19-cents each!  So I bought 30.

011 copy

More finds with Albertsons’ coupon book.
Free pasta, $1 saltines, 9-cent ice cream cones, and $1 King’s Hawaiian bread.

014 copy

I showed you some razors that I got for free a couple weeks ago.
I found a bunch more coupons, and got 4 more cases on the free.

023 copy

This shot is dumb.  I mixed up the Albertsons and Walmart deals. 
But you see those Hormel pork tenderloins?  They were $10.99 at Albertsons.  On sale BOGO.  Used coupons, and doubled those, and I got $10.99 pork tenderloins for $3.50 each!  And then we have more 27-cent IHOP breakfasts from the Walmart, along with a 97-cent TGIF appetizer (which was not tasty at all), and some free Dean’s dip (all with doubled coupons).

005 copy

69-cent milk, 97-cent smoothies, free Welch’s juices, and $1.47 for the yummy Lloyd’s tubs.

008 copy

Free malt vinegar, 97-cent Oreos, 50-cent Pebbles treats, 78-cent Grape Nuts, $1.98 South Beach bars, free pasta, and 44-cent Gerber baby food (for bartering with).

019 copy

$2 Purex, and the rest was free.
(Anyone else dye their hair with peroxide in 8th grade?)

017 copy

And then this was all from Walgreens.  Not the greatest week, but I had to use my Register Rewards before they expired so I started with $10 and left with $8 – so all this for $2; not great, but certainly not bad either.

026 copy

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  1. Ryann Salamon

    Woo hoo! Score!!! You never cease to amaze!!

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