Sending you Thanks.

Posted by Michelle on August 13th, 2012 . Filed under: Cards, Thank you .

Hey – how was your weekend?  I wish our Saturday and Sunday would have flip-flopped.  Saturday we didn’t do annnnnything.  But yesterday we were couponing for hours and hours.  And then we went to my company picnic.  And then to the zoo.  And then to Sonic for half-price cherry limeades.  And then did some more couponing.  Left the house at 5am, and got home at 6pm.  And then it’s “what’s for dinner?”  So I ordered Domino’s online with their half-price promo and got free delivery through Shoprunner (gets you free shipping and free delivery from a bunch of places).  Ha ha!  If there’s a way to save, I’m gonna find it 😉

Up today is a quick little thank-you card.  Always need those.  May not get them out in a timely fashion, but at least when they do finally go out they are heartfelt and handcrafted – heh.

One more thing – I am making a post office run this week to ship off those Christmas bag packs I put together.  If you want one, I listed them in my shoppe – $11/shipped.

Have a great week!


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