I buy some odd things (bulk craft items for sale).

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Do you have an ETSY shoppe?  I do.  I started out with selling my cards.  But this was way early on and my cards were not good at all.  And if you think they are not good now, well, they were really not good back then.  I think I sold one…maybe 2.  And then I started the whole bag business.  Which goes pretty well when I keep up with it.  But every now and then I get this great idea about quitting my job and making millions off my ETSY shoppe.  And I order things to sell in it.

Like these blue shipping tags.  I have a case of 1000 of them.  They’re not really paper, but they aren’t really plastic either.  And they are prewired.  I stamped on them with StaZon.  But not the greatest investment ever.  They are on Craigslist now.  If you want them, I’ll mail them to you for $12.  The whole case.  Includes the shipping.


And then there’s this whole bolt or whatever you call it of cotton twine.  More like the kind that old-school butchers use.  I love twine.  Baker’s twine.  Not butcher’s twine.  And I sold some orders of it, but cutting it is a nightmare.  My husband and I measuring and stringing all over the house.  Pain in the ass.  I’ll ship the whole thing to you for $15.  All 2000 feet of it.


Same thing with this jute.  It’s thicker.  4000 feet of it thicker.  It was like Clark Griswold and the Christmas lights trying to string and measure it out to sell.  $15 on this one too.


E-mail me if interested – link on the sidebar.
I’ll cut you a deal if you want all this stuff – $35 shipped.

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  1. Annawas

    Your sale cracks me up! Sometimes we find a good deal and other times not so much! Good Luck!

  2. Vikki

    I would like the jute. I live in southern Idaho and am in the Boise Valley regularly. I could just pick it up.

  3. Dawn Easton

    roflmao! Your discriptions of things always crack me up! You sure did buy whacks of that stuff.

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