Adventures in Couponing.

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Albertsons is driving me cray.  I like that cray is the new way to say crazy.  But I have a problem with totes being the new way to say totally.  Either way, Albertsons is driving me totes cray.  See, that sounds dumb together.  But in a good way they are driving me cray.  One weekend they had double coupons.  The following week it was the round-up.  The round-up is where coupons round up to $1.  So like if I have a 35-cent coupon, doubling would only make it 70-cents off.  With the round-up it would make it $1.  So it’s great for those low value coupons.  And then this week, a super sweet deal that you will hear about another week, and! double coupons start again today.  See what I mean?  Cray!  Totes.  😉

First up – 40 boxes of cereal for 27-cents and 57-cents.  So my average price per box was 42-cents.  I special ordered 10 of each of the 4 flavors that were on sale.  They were on sale for $1.77 each, doubled 75-cents off and it made a box 27-cents.  I also had coupons for 60-cents off which made some of them 57-cents.  Either way – a super awesome stock-up price for cereal.

082 copy

Goods from Albertsons’ summer game.  I had $1 off any store brand product, so I stocked up on ketchup for 25-cents each.  I won the donuts, the French bread, the drink, and the cottage cheese was half price.

087 copy

Totally free toothpaste; and 45-cent Hefty bags from Fred Meyer where I usually only find 1 great deal a month.

091 copy

They paid me $3 to take all of this.  The Bounty was free with the round-up.  The deodorant was BOGO and I had coupons that were BOGO so that means you get 2 free.  Free toothpaste. And those kids toothbrushes were buy 3, pay $1.50 and then get $3 back.  Hello moneymaker, and thank you!

008 copy

I had another box of these free pads, but I already gave them to a single mom with 2 teen girls; but all this was free too.

00004 copy

29-cent sweet & sour sauce and 17-cent tomato & chicken noodle soups.  Fall can’t come soon enough for me!

010 copy

When I was a kid, we were poor.  Like really poor.  Maybe that’s why I am obsessed with having a lot of food and stuff?  I don’t know, we can psychoanalyze me another time 😉  But we didn’t have food.  Like that poor.  And on occasion my mom would say let’s go out to pizza.  And I’d be like, uh, we don’t have food so how can we afford to go out for pizza?  And my mom would say that someone blessed her with $20 or whatever.  I never asked for details.  But blessed.  OK.  So it happened to me.  Someone blessed me with coupons.  A lot of them.  And I was able to special order, and use the round-up and get 120 bottles of Dial for free.  I’ll give some to my mom, some to my aunt, already traded some for some fresh produce, and will give some to my favorite cashier.  If I ever see dirt on my kids’ hands again, I’mma scream – LOL!

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