Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on September 16th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Happy Sunday!  Up today is a couple weeks of Albertsons shopping.  One week there were double coupons (any coupon up to $1 in value is doubled) and then there was the round-up where any coupon rounds up to $1.  Fun stuff.

Up first are totally free mashed potatoes.  They were on sale for 49-cents each, I had coupons for 50-cents off 2 which rounded-up to $1 off 2 which made these all free.
008 copy

Again with the round-up.  49-cent baking mixes, and 29-cent cookie mixes.
003 copy

Free yogurt with the round-up, and more 29-cent cookie mixes.
013 copy

2 separate trips, but for the same things.  Free paper towels with the round-up, and 29-cent Progresso cooking sauces.

0909121039 copy

Regular price on the Progresso was $2.79.  On sale for $1.79.  Doubled 75-cent coupons and they were 29-cents each.

0061 copy

010 copy

Free with double coupons.
0191 copy

Lunches for my husband – 49-cents with double coupons.
021 copy

Free tissues, free floss, free iced tea, 49-cent Quaker bars, and 33-cent oatmeal with double coupons.
023 copy

No coupons needed.  Half of these were free and the other half were 8-cents.  Some promo where you buy x and get x back, and use that to pay for the next one.  But for a few hours on a Friday afternoon, the price was less which made them free.
019 copy

Double coupons start today and we are on the move!

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  1. Dawn Easton

    Wow! That’s quite the haul again! Look at all that pop/soda 😉

  2. Annawas

    Wow! You have been busy! Great haul! Have a great week:)

  3. Michele aka Derbylea

    Wow that is so much soda! Where do you keep it all?

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