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Yay – the weekend is here!  Happy about the weekend, but bummed at the same time.  We have Boise State football season tickets and the game today is at the same time as my daughter’s soccer game.  Grrr.  They really ought to consider BSU football when they make the schedule.  So, family first – we sold our tickets on Craiglist.  Soccer game, baked apples with the kids, and then baking baking baking for the church fundraising bake sale tomorrow.

Up today is a little card for my son.  My son who decorated my birthday cake last week.  Uh-huh.  LOL!

051 copy

This card was published in the July issue of CARDs magazine.  Wow, look at how different that blue looks in print.  It almost looks non-matching green, doesn’t it?  Hmmmm….  Ah well.  Have a great weekend!


4 Responses to Son.

  1. Lea Lawson

    This card is awesome, Michelle! I just love that paper…some of my faves!

  2. Michele aka Derbylea

    Wow huge difference in the blue/green. I like your photo better. Really cute card. LOVE the cake, that is so awesome! Reminds me of making my mom’s cakes when I was young.

  3. Marybeth

    Love it, Michele ! Wow the blues do look way different. Love how you did the side of the card. That cake, oh my gosh! Bet you loved it,but wow! Lol. So Happy Birthday to you.

  4. Jill G.

    What an adorable and super creative card, Michelle! I love it! And I think that is an *awesome* decorating job on your BD cake! Just look at that bold use of color and uninhibited design work! The modern art world should watch out! ;-D

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