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Happy Monday!
So last night we went to my cousin’s son’s birthday dinner.  I think technically that makes him my second cousin.  But in our culture, because I am his elder, he calls me “tia” – aunt.  Anyway, so we go to the birthday dinner, got him a gift that he wanted, and he’s like “where’s the card?”  Ding.  Sometimes I think that if you go to the party you just take a gift and that cards are for mailing.  Plus, he’s 18 so what does he care about a card anyway?  But I got a ration of poop from the entire family because I’m the crafty cardmaking person and ours was the only gift that came sans card.  Yeah.  And it ain’t like I don’t have 92 of them on-hand and ready for any and all occasions either.  His birthday is tomorrow.  He’s getting this card dropped off.  And maybe I’ll even have the kids do some too.  Sheesh.  So much drama over a card.

This card was published in the August issue of CARDs magazine.  Any My Mind’s Eye stuff with Rhonna’s name on it, I am all over.  Have you seen the Christmas line that she did with them?  I’ve got it and haven’t touched it yet.  Want to make sure I use it on something particularly beautimus and worthy.  Here’s to a great new week!


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  1. Lea Lawson

    This is super cute! LOVE those papers!!

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