Happy Fall.

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And Fall it is!  Oh my.  This is where I complain about the weather.  But as someone said on Twitter yesterday, being in Idaho, I don’t really have much to complain about when I am reading about earthquakes, tsunamis, and Hurricane Sandy.  Fall is beautiful here in the “city of trees.”  Absolutely gorgeous.  Yesterday my husband made split pea soup (yuck, hate peas) in the crock pot, and potato and bacon soup in another crock pot, homemade cornbread, and then brownies for dessert.  Oh yeah, that’s fall.  Soccer is over – my daughter’s team went undefeated (again) and won the championship (again).  So this week we are back to some kind of normal.  I need to do something quicklike to send for Halloween to the kids’ church classes tomorrow night.  I have goody bags ready for the school classes.  And I need to bake something for work on Wednesday too.  I do have my fingernails painted black and I have a glittery fun witch’s hat ready to go; so just a few things to take care of in 2 nights of time.  Yikes.  What’s up with you for this Halloween week?

This little Fall card was published in the September issue of CARDs magazine.  I love letter stickers for my sentiments instead of stamps.  Because I’m a lazy, imperfect cardmaker like that 😉


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  1. Lea Lawson

    This is SO fun, Michelle! I just adore the month stickers…such a perfect touch to a fall card!!

  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    Love the fall card Michelle!! Congrats to your daughter on her soccer stuff! Hope you all have a great Halloween!

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