Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on October 14th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Hello hello and welcome to another one of my Sunday coupon adventures.
Up this week is doubling coupons at Walmart (they honor double coupons when KMart and/or Albertsons does them).

Up first – milk prices are going up; $1 a gallon.  Free Toaster Strudels, free cheese, 27-cent IHOP breakfast bowls, and granola for $1.49.

007 copy

50-cent Wasa crackers, 54-cent Jingos crackers, and 28-cents for Ritz cracker packs (4-cents for the kids’ school snacks – can’t beat that).

009 copy

28-cent cookie mix, free baby food (for bartering with), and 50-cent Mott’s applesauce packs (13-cents for the kids’ school snacks).

012 copy

$2 hams (throw one in the crockpot with some brown sugar and mustard and it’s a meal for the 4 of us), free seafood snackers (Jillie Mae commented before that seafood ice cream push-ups are gross.  LOL!  These are just strips of crab to snack on.  Nothing desserty about them.), 98-cent Country Crock side dishes, $2.98 Hormel meatloafs, and 22-cent turkey bacon.

016 copy

$1.77 Sara Lee lunch meats, 50-cent cheese sticks, and 80-cent cheapee pizzas.

018 copy

28-cent taco shells, free Hormel meals, free pasta, and 30-cent taco seasoning.

023 copy

More Ovaltine, please!  A rare coupon – got these for $1.78 each.  50-cent English muffins, and bread.

028 copy

15-cent Brach’s, and 23-cent Ghirardelli bars.

030 copy

Free paper towels, free sponges, free peroxide and band-aids, 24-cent soap, free Sally Hansen nail polishes, 62-cent garbage bags, and parchment paper for $1.

034 copy

Big couponing day today – making the rounds at all the usuals.  And then I am hearing good things about Albertsons come Wednesday too.  Love the save.  Have a great Sunday!

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    Shout out to meeeeee! 😀 What a haul–I see several things I’d love to get such a great deal on . . . just not the seafood push ups, those still look gross! ;->

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