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Hello……..is it me you’re looking for….  (name that tune that I totally hated way back in the day)

I love these big bicycle images.  They just remind me of summertime in my youth.  And I always gotta put buttons in the middle of the tires when I use these.  So fun.  This card was published in the December issue of CARDs magazine.  Patterned paper and stickers by Echo Park Paper.  Kinda hard to tell, but there’s glitter on that cloud.


I totally want one of these bikes.  They’re not that expensive.  I have also heard about adult tricycles.  Might look in to those too.  Maybe this summer a little gift to me from me.  We’ll see.  Do you have a bike….and do you use it?


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  1. Dawn Easton

    Love that card! It’s awesome 🙂
    LOVE that bike too! I want one too…haha….almost picked one up last spring while on vacation. Should have. Darn. Maybe this year!

  2. Jill G.

    Very cute card, Michelle! It’s my colors and everything. 🙂 Nope, no bike here. Unless an exercise bike counts? 😀

  3. LorraineN

    Ooh, love your bicycle card! I did have a bike…but it died a lonely rusty death after my son was born, lol! That pink bike is so pretty! and adult tricycles? really?

  4. Michele aka Derbylea

    Adorable card, love the placement of the buttons. I totally want a bike like that too. Been wanting one for years, still no bike.

  5. Jessie McLaughlin

    Hey Michelle! Is that from the 80’s oh my is it Stevie Wonder that sang that?? I so know the song! Saw your card in the Mag and knew before I read who made that it was yours! I love your style! Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  6. Charlene Austin

    Girl….my heart skips a beat when it comes to Lionel Ritchie. I know this is probably a “family friendly” blog (and certainly TMI) but I may have lost my “v” to the oh so soulful Lionel Ritchie. Not to HIM directly but his music. LOL.

    Feel free to delete this comment!

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