Adventures in Couponing.

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I’m back today with another coupon adventure.  I haven’t taken a break from couponing, just from posting my scores.  The new year has been rough.  Bitter cold weather has given me a case of the lazies.  The husband in and out of the hospital with some wackadoodle infection in his leg, and subsequent knee surgery.  So some things – like taking pictures of couponing trips – just kinda fell by the wayside.  And now, because of my husband’s medical ordeal and the mounting medical bills, I’ve been trying to shop only what we need (like milk or eggs) or if it’s totally free.  That’s the great thing about stockpiling, with the exception of milk and eggs, we really can live off what we have for a good while.  I even looked in to getting some chickens so that we don’t have to buy eggs anymore, but our subdivision CC&Rs forbids “raising poultry.”  Jerks.  Ah well.

So this first shot is super simple with no double couponing or price-matching required.  $1-off these frosting flavor packs which were 84-cents each made me 32-cents.  75-cents off carrots that were 74-cents made me 2-cents.  So Walmart paid me 34-cents to take these items.  We found some turtlenecks on clearance for $1, got one for my daughter, and ended up paying 66-cents as I used to overage from the grocery items for it.


I have a dummy Yahoo! e-mail account that I use for couponing.  I go to manufacturer websites and register for their e-mails.  And a lot of those e-mails come with coupons in them.  The Earthbound Farm one is a good one.  They send about 1 coupon each week, and you can print it twice.  I’ve been getting free carrots for the last couple of months.  Free flavored cream cheese, and 68-cent cheese for the kiddies.

0041 copy

Free Smuckers, and more free frosting flavor packets.  I make my own frosting – but am excited to try these flavor packets for a little something different.

013 copy

Free pickles and free tomato sauce.  All this free stuff is by doubling coupons.  Make sure you check with your grocery store and see if they will match what other stores are doing.  Kmart and Albertsons double coupons in my market, and Walmart matches this and since Walmart prices are generally cheaper, the deals end up being super sweet there.

009 copy

Totally free pasta.

007 copy

The Polident for my uncle was $1, I think, and the rest was free.  And yes, I put Poise products on my blog – LOL  They were $2.97 and the coupon was for $3 – had to get them.  They’re for my mom and my aunt – heh.

004 copy

99-cent laundry detergent, and free dishwashing packs.

015 copy

Totally free wipes.  These are great to keep in the car and the trailer.  Just the other day my son got gum all over his hands and face in the back seat of my car.  Why son, why?!

025 copy

$1 shampoos for my son, 50-cent detanglers for my daughter, and the rest was free.  Oh yeah, Summer’s Eve on the blog too – ha!  I turn down nothing that’s free.  And I mean nothing.

020 copy

Like cat food.  We don’t have a cat.  But the coupon was for a free box of cat food.  We donated it to the cat rescue place.  Some people have a problem with that.  I don’t.  I just can’t see having to defend donating to the poor and needy, or the animal rescue places.

012 copy

4 Responses to Adventures in Couponing.

  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    I think its awesome you donate what you don’t need. If you spend the time to go after it you can do what you want with it. Sorry to hear about your husband’s medical issues. Hope things start to look up. Unexpected bills are the worst. I love your coupon posts! They inspire me not to buy full price cereal.

  2. AnnaWas

    Have missed your couponing adeventures and really everything else lately due to my Dad’s open heart surgery and my Mom’s diagnosis of cancer, so I can totally relate to only doing what you need to, to keep your head above water! Hope hubby is healing nicely and look forward to your great creations!

  3. Charlene Austin

    I hear ya on the case of the lazies. I’m the queen of lazy this year. I’m still thrifting but haven’t posted much because I can’t stand creating the blog posts. Such a pain.

    That sucks that your hubby is going through some tough stuff.

    Your stockpile amazes me. The grocery shopping addict that lives inside of me would love to come and push a shopping cart through your house and fill it up. I’m trying not to buy food (other than fresh fruit and veggies) right now as we have TOO much food in the freezer and pantry. WHY do I feel the need to buy something just because it’s on sale? Do I really need enough chicken breast to feed the neighborhood? That would be a no. Do I need more ground beef (nope!), pork tenderloin (nope!), bacon (yes!), pies (nope!).

    Well, I must run. I’m watching AI but I’m about 10 hours behind on the PVR. So far there’s no one I love. There is no Lionel Ritchie in the bunch. That is fo’ sho’!

  4. LJS

    OMG! Your couponing adventures are so awesome!!
    I’m still learning how to do couponing (not nearly enough time devoted to it)
    AND…Rock On donating to pet rescues–they need help too!!! : )

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