Adventures in Couponing.

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Hello and welcome to another one of my coupon adventures.  Couponing for me is a hobby….which also happens to provide for my family.  Kinda like how fishing is for my husband.  Only he doesn’t ever catch any fish so he doesn’t really provide for the fam with his hobby – ha.  Anyway.  We’ve had a lull in double coupon promotions lately, so I don’t have anything too crazy to share, but I did still seek out some deals because I had to feed my crave to save.

Albertsons had one of their Round Up promotions recently – and I’m hearing that they have one coming this week as well.  Coupons under $1 round up to $1.  All these items were on sale for $1, and I had coupons which became $1, so I got all this for free.

008 copy

Then there was Walgreens.  Walgreens and Albertsons and Rosauers have been running this promo where you bring a new or transferred prescription and they will give you a $25 gift card.  We have a couple of maintenance medications in our household so I am more than happy to play the game and transfer prescriptions all around town to get me some $25s.  They make money off my insurance company so I don’t feel bad about it at all.  So with a $25 gift card from Walgreens, I bought 6 bottles of Melatonin which were $4 and get $4 back.  So all free.

010 copy

And then I took a couple of those $4s and bought these PowerBars.  Now check this out.  These were 99-cents, on sale B1G1 so I paid $2.97 for 6 of them.  Then I had a coupon for $1.10 off 5 so that took my price down to $1.87.  And they gave me $2 back.  So I’m plus on this one *woop woop*

011 copy

Because my Register Rewards were for $4, and I was only paying $1.87 (before they gave me the $2 back), I needed filler items to get to that $4 amount.  So I got all these Easter candies – free for me.  Still this is from that $25 gift card, using no out of pocket money of my own, and right now I have $16 left.  I did buy some Benedryl with one of the $4s the other day.  Benedryl, the melatonins, the PowerBars, and the Easter candy – cost me nada.

013 copy

I read on one of the coupon blogs that Rite Aid had chips that were 99-cents get $1 back.  I haven’t done Rite Aid couponing in forever.  So we went there this morning to get the chips.  Only to find that the deal was regional and not in the ad here.  (I never check the ads, I just read the coupon blogs and take it as gospel.)  So I looked through the ad and found something even better.  Snapware 25% off.  I had (12) $2 coupons with me!  So these Snapwares were $3.49 less 25% = $2.61 each.  Take off my $2 coupon makes them 61-cents each.  But then!  There was a +Up going where you spend $15 (pre-coupon) and you get $5 back.  So, I spent $3.66 for 5 of these, and got $5 back.  Twice.  They paid me $2.68 to take these.  Oh yeah!  So, we might be back in the Rite Aid game 😉

007 copy

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    Sweet deal on the Snapware! you are so good at this!

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