Easter Goodies.

Posted by Michelle on March 28th, 2013 . Filed under: American Crafts, Easter, Gift Packaging, It's in the Bag!, Verve, Whisker Graphics .

When I buy candy (on the cheap with coupons ;)), I try and think of specific uses for them since we really don’t need to be eating candy around here.  So when I got these Dove bar coupons, I decided to buy purple ones and use them for Easter.  Purple is the Easter color, no?

033 copy

I packaged some sweet treats up for church class teachers, and then also for the school teachers – which I forgot to send off with the littles the last day before Easter break.  #FAIL

038 copy

I grow tired of supplies, and donate punches and other things often.  But this basket die, my bunny punch, and my favorite Easter stamp from Verve are keepers.

044 copy

047 copy

I bought a bunch of these little notepads from Compendium over a year ago, maybe 2 even.  And they have been sitting on the shelf above my craft table ever since.  They are flat, lightweight so totally easy to mail.  (Which was my intent way back when.)  But I decided to have my son hand them out to all the ladies at school who probably don’t get remembered on holidays:  the office admin, the school counselor, the duty lady, the music teacher, the PE teacher, etc.

057 copy

058 copy

A perfect fit in a glassine bag from my shoppe, and sealed off with some fun washi on the back.

060 copy

4 Responses to Easter Goodies.

  1. Marybeth L.

    Wow, these are wonderful Easter treats and almost too pretty to open up. Happy Easter Michelle!

  2. Monika/buzsy

    These are so pretty Michelle. Love the basket front and the super cute bunnies. You are so good at giving goodies! Of course it helps when you find all those good deals! You need to visit me and teach me the tricks!

  3. Monika/buzsy

    Oh… also… have a blessed Easter Weekend!

  4. Jill G.

    Very, very pretty, Michelle! Good for you for thinking of those school workers who often get overlooked. I’m sure their treats put smiles on their faces! Happy Easter!

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