Love with Food.

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About 5 months ago, I signed on to get a Love with Food box delivered to me every month.  I love food.  I love good deals.  I love getting packages delivered to me.  And I love that every time I get a box, a hungry child gets a meal too.  Win-win all the way around.  If you just do one month, it’s $12.  If you sign on for 6 months, it’s $11 per month.  But if you sign up for the annual (which is what I did), it’s $10 a month.  And believe you me, this little red box is totally worth it.

002 copy

I can’t wait to see what’s inside.  My daughter calls me at the office when it comes in the mail “mom, the Love with Food box is here!”  And we open it and go through it together when I get home.

010 copy

This month’s box was a good one.  Something for everyone.  Crackers, granola, a chocolate fortune cookie, fruit leather, a juice box, some green tea….

013 copy

…and cosmos corn!  Have you ever tried these?  I ordered them from QVC over 10 years ago, but they were kinda spendy.  Oh so good!

016 copy

Chocolate covered wasabi peas?!  Going in to my husband’s Easter basket.

020 copy

They call it gourmet, some of the stuff is organic, but it’s all quality goods.  And considering that $10 includes the shipping, and a hungry child gets a meal too, it’s totally worth it.  Interested?  Get yours HERE.

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  1. Dawn Easton

    Oh that’s cool!!! What a fabulous idea!

  2. Anna Was

    Michelle- what a great idea! I get a birch box every month, same concept but with non food items (although I sometimes get food samples!) It makes me happy to get something fun in the mail! Have Great week!

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