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So I joined Pinterest a while back.  And I’m following 3 people.  I ain’t gonna lie – I’m just on it for the food.  I started some other boards, but really – I’m all about the food.  Are you a food pinner on Pinterest?  Find me, so I can get some more yummy pins!


4 Responses to Pinterest.

  1. Janet

    I’m a pinner too! Lots of food, although I have other (too many) boards as well.

  2. Anna Was

    I love Pinterest as well! The food was my first draw and now I have way too many other boards! I haven’t found a bad recipe yet!

  3. Michele aka Derbylea

    I followed you. I don’t pin to often. Mostly food, school lessons, and the occasional card.

  4. Jessie McLaughlin

    Hee Hee Michelle!! I just love pinning food!! Love looking at all the yummy stuff! Hope all is well! Happy Easter!

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