My Forever Love.

Posted by Michelle on April 15th, 2013 . Filed under: Cards, My Mind's Eye .

Happy Monday! — and thanks for the well-wishes on Friday.  I’ll be on pins & needles waiting for the doctor’s office to call.  She said if it’s good news, they’ll call and say there’s been no change, or it’s improved, and that I don’t have to come in.  But if it’s bad news, they’ll call with an appointment for me to come in.  *fingers crossed*

Here’s a fun little wordy card I made for my husband.  My stash of cards for him is growing, so I reckon it’s time for some of those just-because cards to be left in his truck while he’s at work.


A little misspelling on this card.  And I get so irritated when I see this on papercrafting supplies.  I really do {heart} My Mind’s Eye, and purchase almost every single one of their collections.  But they really are the worst when it comes to misspellings.  Unforgettable is with 2 ts.  Double and triple check, people!


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  1. LJS

    Fingers Crossed for good news to come to you!!!

  2. Anita

    I luv the colors on the card…lol…did you email them letting them know? I thought that looked weird, but a really cute card.

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