Favorite time of year.

Posted by Michelle on July 15th, 2013 . Filed under: Cards, Crate Paper, Echo Park Paper, Published Work .

Happy Monday!
It’s back to work for me today after being gone for 2 whole weeks.  We hit 14 states in 14 days; 2 more than we had planned as we didn’t take in to account the corner of a state or two as we were getting from one stop to another.  And, I made a wrong turn in St. Louis and ended up in Illinois, so that was a bonus state too – ha.  But it was all good fun, great food, and time well spent together as a family.  I’ll share some pictures soon.  But for today, I’m trying to get back to normal around here.  So here’s a lil’ card that was published in the June issue of CARDs magazine.


Have a great week!

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  1. Dana

    14 states in as many days? That’s awesome. Like seriously. Especially as a road trip with family. I’ve done the NY to CA trip a few times in my life (twice as a child, twice as an adult), and although I liked going out west the northern route, I LOVED coming back along I-40, the southern route. Fascinating scenery. Can’t wait to see some photos Michelle! And your “road trip” card is perfect for the post;)

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