Quick, easy, fun, and cheap home decor items.

Posted by Michelle on July 16th, 2013 . Filed under: BasicGrey, Design Team Work, Glue Dots .

It’s a crazy Tuesday evening here in the ‘ho.  Rain, hail, thunder, lightning, rainbows, smoke, fires, sirens, winds….just nuts.  At least it’s not terribly hot this evening.  But I hear it’s supposed to get back up there the rest of the week.  Awesome.  {sarcasm}

So how about some super simple, super easy, super quick, and super cheap little home crafties?  Up first is a banner I made with a few of these little BasicGrey pocket assortment sets that I got from Craft Junction.  This banner was ridiculously easy to make.  Put together the folders, run Glue Dots® on the back of the inserts and secure them in place how you want them to be in the pocket, punch holes, thread vintage ribbon, and hang.

019 copy

009 copy

006 copy

I received this fun popcorn box from Kristin in the June Cara Box exchange.
(You can sign up for August if you are interested – I highly recommend this fun chick-to-chick gift exchange.)
Anyway.  The popcorn box has been sitting on my craft table, and when we got home from vacation I noticed that the heat had killed a lot of my roses so I wanted to salvage what few that I could.  So I wrapped some vintage ribbon around the box, adhered with more Glue Dots®, punched some hearts out of vintage book paper, poked a pretty pin through the hearts and attached to my bow, and we’ve got a cheapee vase for what’s left of our roses.

001 copy

014 copy

027 copy

Hope you’re staying cool wherever you are!

3 Responses to Quick, easy, fun, and cheap home decor items.

  1. Jessie McLaughlin

    To cute Michelle!! Love your banner!! And what a great idea for the pop corn box!! Hope all is well!!

  2. lisa, too!

    Always beautiful work, Michelle! Love the vase!!!!

  3. Monika/buzsy

    Awesome pockets Michelle. Love the different papers. The sweet hearts are just darling pined with onto the ribbon bow. Great idea for dressing up a box.

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